Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development

Get the  Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development.

1. Introduction of the project

1.1 Introduction

Ecotourism is the new age tourism format that allows the travellers to shift away from the luxury of five-star hotels and live amongst nature with the minimum facilities that can be arranged in the areas. Living amongst the green requires sustainable development based on the proposal it will be based on.

1.2 Research background

The background of the research is to identify ecotourism’s role in sustainable development. This tourism is based on the natural resources and the environmental attributes with the cultural components that stay ecologically sustainable. As per Sahay (2016), this proposal will also fetch the methodologies and practice that can be implemented in sustainable development.

1.3 Problem statement

The major problem that is observed in this issue is that as the increasing number of human footprints will be kept on the natural attributes, the chances of the degradation of the environmental aspects will be increasing, According to Hviding and Bayliss (2018), the development should be planned in this way that the ecotourism sector develops with the protection of natural resources to the highest extend.

1.4 Aim and objectives

The major aims and objectives for this research proposal is classified into three major aspects which are

  • To increase the promotion of the influence in ecotourism which will be positively impacted by new employment opportunities, and even increasing the business to the related networks.
  • To conserve the biological diversity by promoting ecotourism to the best extent possible.
  • To maximize the involvement of the local community to increase the relevance of ecotourism. Even keeping them informed with the new projects in this field with their direct involvement for promotional aspects.
  • To recommend the aspects that will be most useful in the development of sustainability.

1.5 Rationale

What is the issue? The issue is the non-developing approach that has been a constraint in the ecotourism aspects and the effect of which has been negatively impacting the development of the ecosystem

Why is it the issue? It is the issue as multiple tourism companies and tour agencies are complaining about the lack of minimum facility at the ecotourism spots which is attracting the complaints from the tourists.

Why is it an issue now? As the increasing demand for ecotourism is attracting multiple travellers around the globe, the less developed ecotourism areas are engaging in the loss-making sector in the reference to the ecotourism aspects.

2. Literature Review

2.1 Introduction

The ecotourism is primarily a part of the sustainable tourism approach. The approach of ecotourism is mainly focused on bringing foreign money by promoting natural living and also developing the tourism sector in a better-planned way. The countries who are under development and also the countries who are already developed are focusing more on the ecotourism approach, as this type of travel gives the traveller an alternative approach to live amongst the bed of nature. The runaway from regular city life and getting a bath in the waterfall or simple island visit with natural aspects in the new trends that are evolving in better extend

2.2 The major aspects of ecotourism

The most important aspects of ecotourism include

  • As per Ana(2017), the most important part of ecotourism includes travelling to destinations like islands, valleys, hills and mountains and living natural habitats like wooden or even leaf made homes with the least facilities available.
  • The ecotourism approach also promotes the awareness of the green for the environment and nature, which is affected a lot with issues like pollution and deforestation. Tourism helps in protecting and promoting the natural resources as much as possible. (Refer to Appendix)
  • Another important aspect is that the local communities get some economic strength by involving in tourism development by providing some facilities for their living habitat.

2.3 The importance of sustainable development in ecotourism

The new-age tourism mode plays a very important role in sustainable development. The major points on which the development takes place are –

Development of the community – According to Chao (2017), the ecotourism maintains the development of the local community in a sustainable state and makes them financially strong to have a better life than the hardships and constraints of the jungle or rural lifestyle.

Development of the state – The ecotourism attracts a lot of foreign money from the incoming travellers in any country. The trends of ecotourism positively affect the development of the country.

2.4 Requirements and impact of ecotourism on sustainable development

The primary aspects of the impact and requirements of eco-tourism development are –

Global recognition – A major example of this point can be the Maldives who have implemented natural and artificial homes to its backwater areas and the seaside as well with eccentric beauty. As per Deyet al. (2020), this has created a major impact on Maldives tourism in global aspects and has attracted a lot of tourists worldwide.

Conservation – As the footfall increases, the chances of artificial waste will also be increasing in the natural areas. There should be certain regulations that will create sustainable development and the conservation of nature as well.

2.5 Theoretical explanation

The two major theories of this topic are the triple bottom line theory and the CSR theory

2.5.1 Triple bottom line theory

The triple bottom line theory talks about three major aspects which are People, planet and profit

People – The people quoted in this project is the local communities who are affected by the development of ecotourism .the planning of this tourism should be some in such a way that the local communities gain the chances to a better life opportunity and become a major contributor in the development of tourism.

Planet – According to Dzhandzhugazovaet al. (2019), the planet part should be expressed as the most important part as it’s the place where all the developments are taking place and also it’s the major source of earning for this tourism sector

Profit– By using the planet’s natural resources, tourism will be attracting the tourist who will positively affect the profit of the tourism industry. The local community will as lobe boost the profit partly by playing their role positively.

Triple bottom Line theory - Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development

Figure 2: Triple bottom Line theory

(Source; Dzhandzhugazovaet al. 2019)

2.5.2 CSR theory

The major theory of the corporate social responsibility in the ecotourism sector includes the agencies and the tourism companies who are related directly to the earning sector of the industry. The companies should play a role in the development of the following points.

  • Implementing better transportation and roads to faster access to the city or town.
  • Investing more in tourism to increase employment connected to tourism.
  • A proper communication amongst mode in the rural and the city lifestyle.
  • Implementing projection making schools, hospitals, colleges for the betterment of the local community.
  • Positively affecting the development of the community lifestyle.

Carol’s CSR Pyramid- Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development

Figure 2: Carol’s CSR Pyramid

(Source: Deyet al.2020)

 2.6 Conceptual framework

2.7 Conclusion

According to the study the primary parts of ecotourism that help in the development of ecotourism and sustainable development is shared. The outcome will be as the ecotourism helps the sustainable development of tourism development as well as the profit of the nation. The other part is also the development of the local communities as well that should be developed as much as possible. The ecotourism is the new age trends that are in the process of development and if taken seriously this tourism will place the next generation for better employment and further approach towards profit earning.

3. Research Design

3.1 Research onion

The research will follow the approach of the deductive method and the inductive approach as well to comply with the theories of the research-based studies. This mixed-method will have a detailed approach to the research as well.

The mixed methods will be sued like multiple strategy format and also the engagement of cross-sectional data will also be included to provide and ensure the authority of the data collection

The major approach of this onion will be pragmatism which will be retrieving the major words and mentality approach towards the research on the local people of the ecotourism areas.

Research Onion- Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development

Figure 3: Research Onion

(Source: Hakimet al. 2017)

3.2 Research philosophy

Amongst the three types of research philosophy which are post-positivism, interpretative and realism approach the philosophy chosen for this topic will be the interpretative approach. The data from the local community and the personal instincts of the researchers will be affecting the research. According to Idajati (2016), the data collected through the survey from the local people and the travellers will be mixed together and finally assessed with the approach type towards the research. The primary interpretative approach is chosen as the observation and the experience plays a major role in deciding the data collection method and the approach towards the research .the interpretive approach will also allow the experience of the researcher to play a vital role in the research.

3.3 Research approach

The major two types of research approach are the inductive approach and deductive approach. The approach towards this research will include both the type of research as the data collected through the survey and observation of the research will be mixed with interpretative philosophy. As per Klimenko et al.(2018),the huge amount of data collected will be then analysed in the later part which will have to include more data if required and deduct the not useful data if needed. This approach will helps the researcher to gather the authentic data and the factual information from the local communities and as well as the travellers. The terms will be associated with quantitative and as well as the qualitative method. The deductive approach will be also used in testing the remaining approaches as well.

Research Approach- Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development

Figure 4: Research Approach

Source: MS word

3.4 Research strategy

As per the research that is proposed, the researcher will be analysing the role of ecotourism in sustainable development. The major investigation type that will be followed in the mode of research will be survey and observation that will be affected as the way of collecting the major and the most important data required for this research. In the context of Nugroho (2016), the entire format will be in the form of question-answer format with a close-ended approach where the local communities and the travellers will be participating actively. The observation method is efficient as it abides by the ethics of research and its consideration formats. The strategy will be effective in the format of the research and will result in an effective outcome.

According to the proposed research, the researchers will be evaluating the importance of eco-tourism in the sustainable development aspect. As per Ei and Karamanis (2017), the most important toward this research will be conducted as survey and observation methods as the survey will be fetching the major aspects of the areas of the development in eco-tourism and the observation will give the clear picture of what is the obstacles that are needed to be overcome in order to propose a sustainable development plan for this research. As per Hakimet al. (2017), the process will include the local community and the travellers as well who are inclined majorly to the eco-tourism part. The method of observation will be following ethical formats of consideration. The other aspects will analyse the methodology in a better format.

Research Strategy- Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development

Figure 5: Research Strategy

Source: MS word

3.5 Data collection method

The data collection method that is being followed in this process is, 55 members from the local community based near and the eco-tourism will be surveyed over a set number of questions where all the aspects will be close-ended in the format of yes, no or maybe, will be the answer from. As per Priatmoko (2018), the later part of the survey will be done on the travellers where the questions will be like the developments required in the tourism areas, and what aspects should be effective in the ecotourism format. The answers will be descriptive in this scenario and will fetch the outlook of the travellers who are the primary profit-earning area for the eco-tourism system.

3.6 Research technique and the process

The technique of the research will be analytical, with the data collected from the survey on the close-ended questions asked to the 55 members of the local community, and the descriptive answers collected from the travellers. The survey will be followed by the observation process on the systems, and the work proceeding on the ecotourism sector. According to Setini (2020), the entire research data will be then accumulated in one place and finally be interpreted and analysed thoroughly by including or deducting the necessary and the unnecessary data. Finally, the data will be analysed to produce a report to the authority which will contain all the aspects and the necessary points that is related to the sustainable development of the ecotourism format.

3.7 Data analysis technique

The analysis of the technique will be of two types

Qualitative approach – The data for the qualitative approach will be collected from the travellerwho are coming as a tourist to the ecotourism areas. The questions will be based on the benefits and the facilities they are getting or expecting in the ecotourism areas. If needed the managers who are from the tourism companies conducting the eco-tourism trips will also be interviewed regarding the development they are expecting and they can implement in the field of the ecotourism industry.

Quantitative approach – The survey of the quantitative approach will be based on the 55 members of the local community who live near and in the ecotourism areas. As per Untari (2019), their feedback on the aspects of the development of the areas related to ecotourism will be very necessary for the research as they are a direct link to the place where the development will take place.

Data Analysis- Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development

Figure 6: Data Analysis

(Source; MS word)

3.8 Data presentation plan

The most important part for which he research is being conducted in the data presented. The entire format of the planning of sustainable development based on the ecotourism will be focusing on this report and will be implemented according to the suggestion and regulations mentioned in the report. As per Zheng (2018), the best way the data presentation can be done is the complete description of the major points that need to be analysed further. The next way will be to give as much as graphs and charts as possible to make the reader understand the statistical part of the development as easy as possible. The report should be in a thesis format and holding the needs and details of the points related to the sustainable development of ecotourism.

3.9 Ethical consideration

The ethical consideration for this project will be considered in a serious format and should be following all the basic rules of data collection. None of the data, interpretation, analysis and the final report will be shared to anyone expect the authoritywho is assigned as the responsible person for this job. The other part will be the identity of the local community members and the travellers will not be disclosed at any cost to any entity as well.

4. Research plan (Gantt chart)

Gantt chart- Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development


The research proposal is all about the attributes and the effects that will be concluded in the field of sustainable development that will be effected in the field of ecotourism. The development structure will be analysed by the report that will be affected by multiple theories and the data collected through the data based on survey and observation methods. The effect of this report will enhance the development part to better extend.

 6. ReferenceList


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7. Appendix

Appendix 1: Sustainable tourism concerns UK tourists plan to research before their next main holiday as of 2017

Sustainable tourism concerns UK tourists plan to research before their next main holiday as of 2017- Best Assignment sample on The Contribution of Ecotourism in Sustainable Development


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