Book Review “The Little Refugee by Anh Do and Suzanne Do”

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The main purpose of this report is to select the book “The Little Refugee by Anh do and Suzzanne Do” and use as a resource for teaching the learners. The use to this resource will be utilized by teacher as curriculum to teach the student or learner important things which affect their life (Hill et al., 2015) In respect to this, this report will help in identifying the importance of curriculum focus and also help in understanding the role of resource in the curriculum. Moreover, this study will also reflect the strengths and weakness of using for making learner learn and experience different things.


The resources selected for review is book i.e., “The Little Refugee by Anh Do and Suzanne Do”. The reason behind the selection of book is to convey the feeling of Anh Do and his family as they forge for a new life, in Australia. The book “The Little Refugee” is a very beautiful picture story which tells experience of one refugee family. This book tell story about the little refugee Anh Do and his amazing life journey. In this story, difficulties and struggles which Anh Do and his family, friend faces after the Vietnam War. Anh Do is one of the best Australian comedians who played different role and acted on television series and films (Do et al., 2011).

After the War, they battled heat, storms, hunger, thirst and fear before they found a suitable and safe place to stay in a new country, Australia. The story also tells about the early struggle of Anh Do were also rewarded by two effective achievements i.e., academic achievements and successful career achievement as a comedian. After this, Anh Do wrote a book and published the log of his life from his childhood to his successful comedian career as well as also defined the challenges and problem which he faced for achieving recognition in the country as a comedian.

This selected story is found to be relevant or the teaching and learning aspect. It clearly demonstrates the incredible journey of Anh Do and his family who escape from the Vietnam War and faced various challenges to survive in a new country. In respect to learning and teaching aspect, this childhood story of the Australia’s Happiest Refugee is inspiriting for other. This story encourages and motivates other to work hand and thinking big for achieving big aim or goal in the competitive life. This story also reflected overall fear and challenges such as fear of being in leaky bat out at sea, facing worst humor of his younger brother of Anh do for dressing up as a girl and at the same time, he and his family also faced problem in making in new friends in new country and also the pride to be chosen as class captain.

This book clearly demonstrates the hardships refugees often suffer high in order to reach to a safe and secure refugee place.  For the Anh Do and his family, it is very dangerous journey with terrifying storms and murderous pirates but even though they tried to manage to survive. For surviving in suburban Australia, it is very hard for a small boy who doesn’t know to speak in English and has funny lunches. On the other side, a young boy Anh Do tried hard to focus on seeing the bright and positive side no matter what challenges or difficulties it faced (Do et al., 2011). This unique and inspirational experience of his leaving a Vietnam as toddler and growing in Australia is very motivational story for teaching the lesson that be always positive and find new ways from existing challenges or difficulties.

The group of students are selected for this learning mainly age group of 15 to 22 where they are taught and learned about new things which can change their personal or professional life to a large extent. In the education system, there I different class group which are required to adapt a certain or specific curriculum to which selected resource can be applied efficiently. For making student adapt them for that in a school or learning center, there is a need for a proper arrangement so that students learn new things in a creative and attractive manner and that lead to encouragement in them to adopt positive effects of it. For students or learners, it is important to focus on curriculum activity for which proper instructions, intellectual discipline in grammar, proper training should be provided. For designing a proper curriculum, primary and secondary educator required to draw a proper mandatory curriculum which school or institute required to follow for making student learn and experience good and valuable things efficiently and effectively (Do et al., 2011).

In addition to this, there are certain curriculum topics which are required to be considered in the teaching process in order to make students motivated or encouraged to read or write the memoir writing. At the same time, this book story can also be used as main element in the curriculum of the study because this story could encourage students in other wide range of creative arts such as music, acting, dance and improvisation (Kirkwood and Price, 2013). Moreover, the relationship between relevant legislative policy and resources are examined efficiently because relevant policy are developed  for meeting the specific requirement related to resource like proper alignment of work and official curriculum domains, etc.

The role of the selected resources i.e., book is very significant in the curriculum design because this will help in making student learn that never lose hope, try hard and hard to achieve something better or best. For designing a curriculum, teacher should focus on using that resource which encourages or inspires them to work hard and become inspiration for other too. In a similar manner, this resource book is selected in curriculum because while writing a story, Anh Do used both humor and pathos to tell his story in attractive and interactive manner that it attracts the readers to read this book (Do et al., 2011).

Moreover, student also plays a major role in selecting a resource because their point of views is also considered in-depth. To make the student learn about new thing, teaching strategies also play a major role in providing learning opportunities to the learner as teaching student require a proper resource and way to make student or learner analyze the things or situation in a better manner (Gardner, 2014). The teaching strategies is all about different aspect which are required to be covered such as diversity of subject matters and for that specific thinking tool is used by the researcher. However, the student thinking tool must match with the resources and that also help the learner to develop or organize their thoughts efficiently.

The student can apply this specific thinking tool for helping themselves in learning and exploring new things which inspire or encourage them to do something good in their life for achieving a certain goals or objective. In addition to this, Cooper et al. (2012) also stated that there are different critical learning or thinking told which can support the learner to access their learning in terms of learning new technology, developing social networks, social bookmarking, etc (McMenamin et al., 2014). This approach of using specific thinking tool for learning is very difficult because there are typical schools in which there are less numbers of students who spent their time n learning new facts or thoughts as they found it quite boring and less interactive. Thus, the collaboration of teaching staff with the new learning and experience is supported by the integrated thinking tools within specific curriculum.

On the other hand, the position of the resource in the curriculum should be listed as important as an extra topic or subjects which must be covered by the teacher for teaching the right and inspirational story to them. While studying, it is critically examined that this resource plays a significant role in making studying learn and experience new things or knowledge which inspires or motivate them to a large extent. However, the role of resource within the curriculum activity is quite effective because this resource is something which is based on the realistic story which happened in past with someone.

Using the resource like Book “The Little Refugee”, creates high influence over the teaching and learning skills and knowledge of the learner because most of teaching staff uses a teaching strategies to teach the student what is right and what is wrong (Kirkwood and Price, 2013). This story of Anh Do also teaches the student how to overcome he challenges and threats which come over the way to survive in the dangerous environment. This story will create more positive influence over student as this will help them in understanding that when a person in a difficult situation there is high to be positive rather than thinking something adverse.

The effectiveness of using the learning resource is very beneficial for the learners as it help them to learn different things which creates huge implication on their life and provide them support to analyze the things or situation in better manner. Hammer et al. (2012) clearly stated that usually it is found that this type of inspiring story or book creates high impact on the reader’s mind and that affects their thinking and thoughts in a positive manner. In respect to this, there are positive consequences of using the resource which provide benefits or encourage them to become something which is recognized by others.

In a similar manner, in the story of Anh Do, it is clearly defined that Anh was very positive rather than de-motivated and due to which he struggles so much and become one of the best comedians who is recognized worldwide. The use of this resource is quite constructive for the teacher and learner because this helps the teacher to teach the student to learner good thought a value which affects their performance to a large extent. In addition to this, Goodwin et al. (2014) also critically reviewed that using the resource has some strengths and weakness which affects or creates implication on learning and experience.

The strength of the resource is warm and refreshing exploration of the migrant experiences of Anh Do and his family. At the same time, the other strength of the story is that for school reader, it tells hat story found is written in simple language so that children get connected easily and develop more interest in learning Anh Do story. In addition, this story also encourages the student to explore their own story of their past by appealing them to adopt memoir writing exercise and this lead to strength of the resource. In this, Anh Do also took help from Artist while writing a book because he went to add some images which are two different contrasting styles.

The artist used cartoon like colored images for attracting children interest as well as sepia–colored images which reflect more realistic image once from historical data. But at the same time, the limitation of the resource is that story is only defining the past story of Anh Do and his family which might become boredom for the student as they are not encouraged to read this story one more time (Sleeter and Carmona, 2016). The limitation found in the story is that negative views for are presented by some media coverage for refugee camp and migrant people n that lead to development off Australia’s prosperity and growth through new skill and commitment in their new lives in new country.

For using this resource, there is need to develop a strategies which support in using the resources for the purpose to teach the diverse learners by using specific learning tool. The best strategy to be adopted by the teacher is learning strategy in which an individual approach is used to teach a student how to learn and use their specific skill and knowledge. In addition to this, in every education curriculum system, this type of story should be added specifically in order to encourage and motivate he students to do something creative or innovative that it inspires others.    Overall this book shows that people can survive in the war and find more opportunities in different culture, religion and ethnic environment successfully.


This above study can be concluded easily that there is a need to focus more using the resource like book for the learning and experience for that teacher should focus on designing a proper curriculum to teach the student or learner. This study is quite effective as this study helped in understanding the importance of resource in the curriculum of the learner successfully. Thus, it is very clearly stated that using this resource prepares the learner to experience the challenges in a positive manner and work hard to achieve high success.


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