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The year 2021-22


 This dissertation is written on the topic of “Evaluation of the issues of a new start-up in the UK In comparison to China Market”. This dissertation report has covered all the aspects of the prevailing issues that new start-ups are facing in the UK and Chinese Market. A deep analysis of the research has been conducted by using the proper methodologies. The main objective of conducting this research is to inspect the underlying issues of the start-up in the UK and China markets. In this dissertation, all the advantages and disadvantages of the business environment in the UK and the Chinese market has been considered. The issues have been identified by analyzing the current market conditions of the UK and China Market. The research questions have been framed to identify the possible causes of these issues, the major problems faced by startups, and the identification of the future trends to make the management perform better. The bad management policies, high competition, lack of knowledge, poor funding knowledge, and cultural differences prevailing in both countries have been identified as the reason for having these issues. The researcher has considered all the essential literature reviews before drafting this dissertation. The data has been gathered by using online sources, the information given in the dissertation proposal, and academic journals. The main research methodologies that have been used in this dissertation are the Inductive research approach, descriptive research design, quantitative methods, and random sampling techniques. The researcher has used his thinking and mindset to identify the possible causes of the issues prevailing in the UK and Chinese Market. This dissertation has been prepared after following the right strategies and all the results have been discussed in subparts. All the necessary formats and methods of preparing in some other ways have been identified in the last part.


Dissertation papers are considered to be very important for closing a particular research study (Ng’ong’Ocholla, 2022). The writing of the dissertation paper requires a lot of time and effort from the author. This kind of write-up is always required to gain the final grades by the student perusing the post-doctoral degrees.  The dissertation paper is always divided into various parts to make the reader better understand the topic included in the research. The dissertation paper includes a detailed explanation of all the methods that have been applied to the research study and all the key findings that came out by doing the particular research study. The University lecturer usually requires the dissertation paper write-ups from their student as additional requirements for the particular research study. So, they can easily understand how much knowledge a researcher or student has gained from the particular research. Hence, it has been proved that a dissertation paper is a partial requirement for a particular research study.

This dissertation paper has been developed after analyzing all the aspects of the final research done by the student over the topic of “EVALUATING ISSUES THAT AFFECTS THE MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS START-UPS IN THE UK IN COMPARISON TO CHINA”. The startup is a term that is referred to a new venture, which has just started its business and requires substantial growth in the market (Lukkien, 2021). In the research proposal, dissertation proposal, and final research, it has been already cleared that there is a wide range of opportunities available for startups in the United Kingdom. The economic environment has been predicted stable in the United Kingdom, so it is already understood that startups can gain an easy monopoly in the market. The dissertation paper has already highlighted this point at the beginning of the background. But apart from having opportunities the UK-based startups also face a lot of challenges in their development process. The final research report has been prepared by the student after keeping in mind all the issues that a UK-based start-up faces in the market as compared to China.

The main aim of developing the research report was to identify and compare the general issues faced by the new startups in the UK and China Market respectively. The research paper has already highlighted all the issues that the new start-ups have faced in the UK and China Market. This dissertation paper will further elaborate on those issues and critically analyze

all the possible issues that the start-up has faced in the UK and China market.

All the possible methods would be applied in this paper to examine the reasons for the failure of the new start-ups in the UK and China Market. New startups are generally considered to be the funding sources for every country because of having the potential of a high number of jobs for people residing in a particular country (Ramhorst, 2021). But regular challenges that new start-ups face in any country bring a lot of obstacles in the market growth and result in start-up project failure finally. This dissertation paper will further analyze the issue related to the particular research topic and apply the various methods to know the possible reasons for these issues. In the last part, the dissertation paper will summarize all the findings of the research that has been concluded after applying the appropriate methodology. The dissertation paper will be closed after providing the possible recommendations to mitigate the issues of the new start-up in the United Kingdom and China Market.

The student or the researcher before conducting the research has already adopted various research techniques and gathered the data from the different sources after applying the right methods (Pandey & Pandey, 2021). The student or the researcher has asked all the basic issues to identify the possible issues for the new start-up in both countries. The student analyzed the past data of both countries and recorded all the trends going on in the market for the startups. The literature review is already written to create a better understanding of this dissertation paper for the readers.

The main objectives that have been proposed in the dissertation proposal will be further elaborated here to make the understanding of the reader clear. This dissertation will help the reader in understanding all the parts of the topic research more clearly. This paper will make the reader understand the aim, scope, and findings of the particular research. The main objectives of proposed in the dissertation proposal are explained under the points given below-

  • The identification of the issues faced by the new startups in the UK and China Market.

The main issues that have been found in the dissertation proposal related to the new start-up in the market of both countries are poor management policies, poor financing policies, poor decision making, limited resources, increased competition, and poor marketing techniques. The dissertation proposal has already highlighted a brief comparison of these issues as well by taking the market conditions of both the country. It is further stated in the dissertation proposal that startups face more issues in China due to high-level competition as compared to the United Kingdom.

  • The overall business environment of both the countries has been analyzed to bring out more issues that start-up faced in the countries. The competition level has been identified as the major external environment threat to startups (Bessie et al, 2020). While the limited resources and poor management has been identified as internal environment threats.
  • The management of the new start-up in the United Kingdom and China has been impacted due to the increased level of competition in the market. The management fails to perform the basic planning and organizing functions for these startups due to having limited funding and resources (Qalati, 2021). The new start-up management fails to face the threats of the market and results in full failure.
  • The growth of the new start-up is predicted to be low in both countries because the large-scale companies already have a monopoly in the United Kingdom and China Market.

Therefore, it has been proved that dissertation papers work well in the elaboration and further explanation of the findings of the proposals and final researchers. This dissertation paper has already identified the key issues that new startups were facing in the market of both the countries and the associated reasons for the same.

  1. A discussion and summation of the research findings
  • Research Methodology

There are various methods available to research in an appropriate manner (Byrd, 2021). The research methods provide a detailed structure, plan, and process to conduct particular research. The method prescribed in this dissertation paper that has been used to conduct the research includes all the methods that have been used for the data collection. The methods will further include the method applied to decide the type of data, to decide the source of data collection, and all the methods for finding the results of the particular research. The research method includes all the tools, relevant literature, and references that have been used to conclude the final research. The research methods are important for the systematic completion of the research study. A detailed structure and plan provided by the various research methods brings mental clarity to the researcher’s mind and helps in creating good research work. The research method helps in the actual mind mapping of the researcher and provides solutions to all those answers that come to his mind before starting the research work. A clear vision is set by using the research method. The research methods help the researcher in the drafting of the research proposal, dissertation proposal, literature review, statement of purpose, research report, and the final dissertation paper. By using these methods, the researcher easily decides how to start the research and the mode of conducting the research. Further, the researcher will find all possible recommendations that can be generated from the particular research and dissertation paper by using these methodologies. Therefore, it has been proved that research methods use can create exceptional research work on any assigned topic.

The researcher mindset and exceptional thinking attitude always help in creating the best research works (Bardi, 2021). The research work has been conducted by the researcher after using the interpretivism research philosophy. The qualitative data has been collected from various sources to complete this research work. The researcher has selected the best possible strategies for conducting the research work, in formulating the issues and critical analysis of those issues that are affecting the new startup growth in the UK and China market. Selection of any research methods and technique is the sole choice of the researcher. The researcher first analyzes the research topic and plans out what kind of data needs to be collected from the resources by following which mode. Well-designed planning is done by the researcher to present the data uniquely in the research report. These methods helped the researcher in examining the whole market of the United Kingdom and China. The market survey and data collection for this research and dissertation paper are done by using various qualitative techniques. The researcher did online surveys of the market by analyzing the information that has been presented on the websites of the new start-ups running in the UK and China.

The researcher used qualitative methods like questionnaires, participant observations, survey reports, newspapers, publications, literature reviews, course modules, and other relevant sources to do the particular research over an assigned topic and write his dissertation paper (Maxwell, 2021). The overt and covert participant observation technique is also used for gathering the relevant data for the research and dissertation paper. The researcher has also used some pre-prepared data over the topic that is available in the proposals of research and dissertations to write this dissertation paper. The dissertation paper has been prepared by the researcher after keeping in mind all the aspects of the successful research. These methods of data collection and research work have helped the researcher in formulating the final solution for the issues that start-ups are facing in UK and China markets. Therefore, it has been proved that qualitative methods are good to collect more accurate and reliable data for particular research.

Another method that has been used by the researcher in doing the particular research is data sampling (Morice, 2021). The various samples have been collected by the researcher related to the UK and China Market. The samples were the people who have started some new start-ups in these markets and the people whose startups got failed in the relevant markets. The researcher has conducted a deep study after forming the groups of these people and collected the relevant information by filling up the questionnaire sheets and feedback in the seminars. This data sampling method helped in knowing the present issues that prevailing for the new start-ups in the Uk and China market with a closer perspective. Therefore, it has been proved that the data sampling method is helpful in relevant data collection for writing the research and dissertation paper.

Research Findings

The research method helps in gaining the results of particular research in a systematic manner (Akintola et al, 2021). The research method used above has found that the major reasons for the failure of a start-up in the UK and China Market are social, environmental, political, and managerial conditions of the businesses. The startups are facing issues in both countries because the new startup is failing in understanding the trends of the market conditions. The entrepreneurs who started new startups are not meeting the

government requirements of the UK and China, and that is also a reason for the failure of these startups in these countries. The young entrepreneur is not using the more innovative techniques in the initial stage of the start-up in these countries, due to

which these challenges are arising. The start-up failing rate is higher in China because the economy is growing and low in the united kingdom due to the developed economy. The market of China is more fluctuating as compared to the United Kingdom. Therefore, it has been proved that there are various other reasons too available in the UK and China regions that are resulting in the high potential start-up failure.

 The various data that has been collected by the observation and sampling helps in finding accurate results, this is a true concept (Pandey & Pandey, 2021). The data directly collected by the UK and Chinese entrepreneurs who ran and flopped the start-ups in these countries’ markets, will act as accurate evidence in a dissertation paper. The data collected from these methods revealed that the scarcity of academic knowledge and low awareness among the UK and Chinese people about the concept of social innovation is also a cause of the new startup failure. The people do not want to use any new product and services, and always have great trust in the monopolistic brand of the market. The new start-up fails in these countries because of not analyzing the customer trends before designing the products and services. Every business before starting must do the proper market analysis, especially try to know the customer taste and preferences.

The new startups are doing proper marketing and promotions for their products but still failing in these countries. The reason that has been revealed for occurrences of this issue in the relevant countries is that these start-ups failed because they have not designed the product and services according to the customers. In some cases, the start-up has not provided better customer services after the product delivery. This also becomes the major reason for the project failure of the startup. The customers have not received the instructions to use the products. The products are not aligning with what the start-up has promised in the marketing. All of these are a reason for the project failure of the new start-up in the UK and China country.

Even after marketing, the follow-up from the customers is required to know their feedbacks over a particular product (Gangwal & Awasthi). A product that has been delivered having physical defects after a lot of branding and promotion, will result from the project failure. The customer has stopped ordering the products from the particular start-up again due to facing the above-mentioned issue. The cultural differences and local customer expectations faced by the young entrepreneur are also a reason for the project failure of the start-ups in the UK and Chinese markets.

The researcher while finding these reasons for the issues of the new start-up in the UK and China market has maintained the ethical standards of the research. The observations of the samples are done by disclosing all the research-based facts to them. The samples or the young start-up entrepreneur has provided high regards to the researcher and provided the correct information to get the right statistics of the issues of the start-ups in these two countries. Another finding by using the research methods has revealed that some startups have grown in these two countries’ adverse markets just because of having solid management with them. The study has revealed that some startups who have proper strategic planning and solid business plans have gained popularity in the UK and China markets, even after facing cutthroat competition. These startups have done a proper SWOT analysis to know their strength and weaknesses at the initial stage. These startups have used their minimal resources with the right strategy and gained a monopoly in the market.

The data collected from the modules of the course helped research in the right manner (Banegas & Consoli, 2021). The results derived from this method were highly authentic. Because the university modules are always written by well-known university lecturers and teachers. The modules have helped the researcher in gaining knowledge about the various business environment that prevails in the market and how they affect the business operations. Other findings of this research revealed that new startups are failing in the markets of the UK and China because the young start-up entrepreneur does not have solid tie-ups with the venture capitalists. Venture capitalists are the organization that provides the funding to the baby companies to grow further. Many new entrepreneurs do not have knowledge of the existence of these organizations in the UK and Chinese country. The entrepreneurs do not know that what is the best method of generating solid funding from these organizations

  • Solutions to the new start-ups of the UK and China for resolving the issues revealed from the research findings.

Every country’s market has certain threats and some opportunities as well da (Silva & Castañeda, 2021). The UK and China markets have increased the level of competition in the market but also have developed economies.  The start-up entrepreneur can gain opportunities by making them aware of the market condition from time to time. The entrepreneurs can easily communicate with the government officials to get the minimum interest rate funding for their start-up schemes at the initial stage. The startups apart from investing in their marketing and promotional activities, also invest their funds in providing better facilities to the customers. The after-sale services can prove beneficial in getting success in the markets of these countries. The new startups must hire customer care representatives to provide better solutions to the customer’s queries related to the product after the sale (Sharma & Shrivastava, 2021). This will increase the product and new start-up value in the eyes of the customers. The customer after getting such services will feel more satisfied and will crave to buy the startup products again and again. The entrepreneur must learn the culture of the different regions of the UK and China, so a successful project according to the local customer expectations could be implemented. The angel investors must be contacted in the UK and China countries to get the funding for the new startup. These angel investor companies also help the new business startups in preparing the unique investment proposal to secure better funds from the other financial institution. The new startups must hire cheap labor and low pay staff for completion of the multiple works. These kinds of; labor can be hired on fixed pay and variable pay. The start-up can hire part-time and freelance staff to save the rental cost of maintaining the registered office. Rather than hiring the particular delivery staff for products, the new startups can use online shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart to deliver the products to the customer’s home. This will help in saving the transport cost and the delivery staff salary. The recycled and reused material should be used in the completion of the jobs. This minimum utilization of resources will help in maintaining enough resources with the new startup. The new startup can face the various adverse issues of the UK and China markets by using these precautionary strategies in its work.

  1. A reflection on the dissertation process and recommendations to draft this paper in some different way

Dissertations are one of the most sought out parts of the research by the lecturers (NAZIR, 2021). The dissertation must be prepared by following a particular procedure. A detailed dissertation includes all the relevant information that is necessary to interpret the issues taken up in the research in a better way. This dissertation paper has been prepared by drawing a relevant background of the research at the first stage. The first stage or the part of the dissertation is briefing all the necessary information that the researcher has proposed in the dissertation proposal and the detailed information of the research topic.

The topic of the research that has been discussed here is “Issues for the new start-up in the UK and China”. The researcher has critically evaluated all the proposed information related to this topic in the dissertation proposal by using the right research methods and techniques. The researcher in the first part has already explained the purpose of writing the particular dissertation paper, and the aims and objectives that the paper will carry out till the end. In the first part, the researcher has highlighted that the main issues that new startups are facing in the UK and China market arise due to inadequate management, lack of resources, a monopoly in the market, and lack of correct projections about the market conditions.

The entrepreneur does not have enough funds and failing in these markets. Further in the second stage. The researcher has applied various research methodologies for data collection, information analysis, and result interpretation. The researcher has used the data sampling method, qualitative research methods, participant observations, research design, and Interpretivism Research Philosophy for the completion of the research of the dissertation paper (Pandey & Pandey, 2021). The researcher after using these methods concluded that the weak government tie-ups, customer lack of knowledge, less product follow up and other reasons are also causes of having the issues for new startups in the UK and China market.

In the last part, the researcher has provided the solutions for the revealed additional issues by using the research methods. The researcher has concluded that angel investors and venture capitalist companies can help the start-up in the initial phase and the overall growth. The use of the scrap can also help the start for saving the cost of resources at the initial phase and help in making the strong foundation. Therefore, it has been proved that the dissertation papers include the research purpose, research design, research methods, research findings, and solutions as part of the paper.

The dissertation paper can be written by using different research procedures (Juntunen, M., & Lehenkari, 2021). This dissertation paper is written according to the instructions provided by the lecturer of the university. Another procedure of writing this paper is group collaborative research. This paper is written by one researcher or a student. But the same dissertation can be written by using the thoughts of different researchers and groups. The collective research will complete the dissertation work more easily. This dissertation paper can be written by taking the information from the academics and online sources directly because the topic is too general.

There are various possibilities of having the issues of a start-up in the UK and China markets. The use of academics and online resources in the dissertation paper will increase the reliability and accuracy of the information. The researcher would not be limited to taking the information from the research proposal, dissertation proposal, and final research report only. The researcher would be able to put some more examples in this dissertation paper by using the internet resources directly. Rather than writing a long introduction and aim for this dissertation paper according to the certain limit instructed by the lecturer. The researcher can add a short statement of purpose only. This dissertation paper can be written in short words as well by adding a prospectus-based format that would provide all the relevant information related to the research topic in a summarized way. A PowerPoint-based dissertation is also a good procedure for preparing this dissertation paper.

The researcher could make various slides related to the information of the research and present them in front of the lecturer. The use of audio, pictures, and graphics will help the lecturer or the reader in reading and understanding the overall concept of the dissertation paper in a better way. The researcher can use the pictures and relevant tables carrying the information to make the dissertation more appealing to the readers. The different structure and table formats can also be used in the dissertation structuring to make it more presentive to the readers. The results of the dissertation can be interpreted not only by using the Gantt Chart but by using some other pie chart also. The pie charts can show the statistics of the failure and success of startups in the UK and China markets. This will help in gaining the knowledge through this paper in a summarized way.  The dissertation writing process is lengthy and a bit complicated and requires the effort and time of the researcher over the same (Puspita, 2021). To provide the relevant information in the dissertation paper, the researcher must be open-minded to all the aspects of the research. Therefore, it has been proved that a dissertation paper is a detailed presentation of the research of a particular topic.

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