Executive Summary

Business operations of Morgan Motors are based on the development and expansion of the enterprise in the UK car markets. The reports have given the focus on the vision and operation management process of the enterprise Morgan Motor.

The vision of the enterprise is to provide vintage craftsmanship design with the most innovative technology. The evaluation of the operations process of Morgan Motor has been discussed based on the satisfaction of the three major stakeholders.

1. Introduction

1.1. Background

Morgan Motor is one of the well-known enterprises of the United Kingdom that produces innovative cars through the latest technologies. The company is owned by the family over 100 years and they supply vintages and high-speed sports and commercial cars to the global market (, 2020).

1.2. Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to represent the vision of Morgan Motor and its operations strategies.

1.3. Overview of the structure

The corporate structure of Morgan Motor is included in the following divisions.


Figure 1: Corporate Structure

(Sources:, 2020)

2. Review of operations of Morgan Motors

2.1. Vision of Morgan Motors

The vision of Morgan Motors is to produce and provides vintage craftsmanship and cars to global customers.

2.2. Description of Morgan Motor operations and Vision

Morgan Motor gives more focus on the implications of the traditional car manufacturing process in most innovative ways to impress their customers and expand their business in the global market.

For producing innovative vintage models of cars this enterprise gives importance in the maintenance of the traditional methods (, 2020). The operations and functional areas of Morgan Motors have been controlled and maintained by the most effective organizational structure in order to ensure their performances in the global market.

In order to increase the sales of the enterprise, Morgan Motor has implemented the best manufacturing techniques that give the best driving experiences and have modern facilities. All the functional areas of the enterprise have been controlled by the corporate structure and proper monitoring processes are used to enhance the performances of employees (, 2020).

The operation of the different functional areas of Morgan Motor such as marketing, productivity, supply chain management has been initiated with authentic approaches and strategies.

Marketing policies such as promotions, advertisements and customer management of the company are controlled by the marketing departments. In addition, in order to enhance quality productivity and innovative technology, vintage design is being used in the production house.

However, in order to manage the supply chain process, different approaches have been used in order to give on-time delivery of cars. The business development operations, merchandising operations, logistic operations and supply chain management of Morgan Motors can managed by the corporate structure (The Drive, 2013).

2.3. Evaluating extends that satisfies the internal and external stakeholder

Morgan Motor included their stakeholder as part of their Morgan family, all the stakeholders are given importance in the workplaces by the company. The major internal stakeholders of Morgan Motor are engineers, designers, production employees, and other corporate employees.

However, external stakeholders are investors, suppliers, government, shareholders, and customers (, 2020). The internal stakeholders to the enterprise are managed by the corporate structure, the rewards and allowances provided by the company encourage the employees to give their best performance in the workplace.

Morgan Motor managed its internal stakeholders with the help of democratic and participative leadership styles. Internal stakeholders of the enterprise are influenced in the decision-making process in order to enhance their ability and working capabilities.

Engineer and designer of the enterprise are given the freedom to select their own working spaces and flexibility to improved performances. The external stakeholders of Morgan Motors are have been treated well by the Morgan family (, 2020).

The key external stakeholders are the suppliers, investors, government, shareholders, and customers. All the external stakeholders of the company also contributed to the development and growth process of the business of Morgan Motor.

The customers of the enterprise are managed with the most effective strategies, they produce customize car models in order to satisfy the need and desires of their customers. The democratic leadership style of Morgan Motor contributed to the process of enhancing the relations of the enterprise with all the external stakeholders.

Operations satisfy of three stakeholders

Customers: The need and desires of the customers of Morgan Motors are satisfied by the innovative customer’s management process. The customers of Morgan Motors are given the options to select their own vintages model and the company also modifies accordingly with the customers need (, 2020).

Employees: The employees of Morgan Motor are satisfied with the good pay scale, leaves, allowances and rewards. The allowances and rewards of the employees are provided based on the performances in different functional areas (Viprts, 2014).

Suppliers: Suppliers are given equal importance along with the other stakeholders of Morgan Motor. Suppliers are satisfied by paying the demanding amounts for raw materials and services (, 2020).

3. Conclusion

From the evaluations of the different operations, vision, background, and extent of the stakeholder of Morgan Motor, it can be concluded that Morgan Motor has authentic business strategies. The operations of Morgan Motor for different functional areas include the most innovative and traditional ways that help to maintains the brand image of the organization.

The major vision of the enterprise is to provide vintage and traditional craftsmanship’s with modern technologies. In addition, Morgan Motors also focus on the management of its internal and external stakeholders in the most effective ways.

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