The prevalence of family violence in Australia Market Reflective Essay

The prevalence of family violence in Australia Market Reflective Essay 2020


The aim of this reflective essay is to make discussion about the prevalence of family violence in Australia market.

The reason behind to undertake this topic due to increasing problem of domestic abusers in family and that’s why, it become important to address the facts about the family violence issues and its impact over different individuals.

The study is also vital to figure out the perpetrators mindset or personality behind becoming an abusive person.

Thus, this

sector also educate about the factors that act as a driver to become abuser in family (Roberson & Wallace, 2016). This reflective essay focuses majorly on Australia market to study about family violence’s due to present of maximum case in Australia region.

In respect to this assignment, I would identify the family violence’s actual reason behind occurrences and identify the impact of these factors over the mental health of children and professionals peoples.

Besides that, I also evaluated the initiatives and remedies that Australian government has taken to address such risks.

From the research study related to family violence’s, I understood that cause behind occurring Violence’s in family tend to be different as every family has different behavioral people so the interaction of them sometimes turns out into violence’s.

The abusing also has two kinds I.e. Physical and Mentally one. Among family, the majority of research study believed that Women’s are more victims of the Physical violence in family while Men’s are more undergone with mental violence’s. That’s why; committing suicide is more common in male ones as compare to Females (Burczycka & Conroy, 2018).

I found that Australia country has deaths from suicide occur more in males at a three times greater than the females. In 2016, the standardized death rate for males is 17.8 deaths per 100,000 people while for females it is 5.8 deaths per 100,000 people. For more justification, here are the figures with Men aged 25-64 account majority of suicides (71.3%)

 The prevalence of family violence in Australia Market Reflective Essay

(Sources: AMHF, 2020)

On the basis of e-books and journal article, I learnt about the conceptual framework about family violence’s.

Likewise, there are different factors involved in occurring of family violence’s and it majorly includes psychological, environmental and economic factors etc. It is found that psychological behavior of family is quite important to understand as this factor becomes a major creator for the abusive nature.

The family with poor psychological behavior found right some unethical actions as no one is there to guide them about the ethical actions.

Whereas, environment in family is another important factor as it is important for individual to rise in healthy family environment for developing positive behavior but people who rise in environment where friends and relatives are abusing verbally and does not treat the women’s properly then it automatically transfers from one generation to another (Campbell, 2020).

Lastly, economic factor is one of the crucial one which usually drives the people behavior as because of poverty or less money become a major reason behind the cruel actions of people. this kind of behavior usually occurred among rural population when they see urban class people then they find themselves low due to which there frustration change their behavior and its impact start with physical or mental violence’s with family members.

On the basis of these risk factors, I realized that economic factors are quite common in Australia country as majority of families suffer from poverty due to economic failure after COVID virus spread.

This area also becomes reason behind the increase in the case of domestic violence’s complaints among the country (Harman et al., 2018). However, Psychologist are trying to solve this problem through create awareness about the domestic violence’s through commercial aids or online portals.

Thus, this practice can affect the victims to get relief and get justice.

After getting understand about the factors that responsible for the creation of family violence’s, now it is important to assess the impact of this violence’s over the family members.

I learnt that the major victims of the violence’s are the women’s and children’s as they are faced lot mental pressure with the family violence’s (Frías & Agoff, 2015). This study can be justified with the instances within which I realized that Divorce process is the critical part for any family as it majorly impact the children mental health as they found negative perception about the relations and born with confusion state of mind.

however, it is also identified that women’s are the most soft target if any problem occur in family as females are faced various serious suffering from physical to mental harassment due to which they are never become self-independent. Such case largely present in the rural areas where scare resources and facilities makes women’s under developed.


In addition to this study, I also found that after women’s and children’s, there is one more population group that also suffers with the violence’s in society. These are underprivileged people such as challenged ones who are physical disabled and LGBTI peoples.

They are become victim because of their physical weakness and due to which society does not accepted them completely. It resulted into giving them unequal rights and physical harassment etc.

these populations are vulnerably affected population as no special facilities they have given due to which they always feel underprivileged and faces society violence’s such as unequal distribution of power to speak and choose etc.

These kinds of people need a special attentions and preferences’ so that they can become independent and come up with high confidences (Usher et al., 2020).

These instances clearly shown the negative impact of family or society violence’s over the different individuals among Australian population. Thus, these areas generate the requirement of taking strict actions for securing the interest of these customer segments. However, legal protection is something which is must for these individuals to get the equal rights among the society. I realized that there are various laws are initiated by the Australian government to provide justice to different people against the family violence’s. In this, mental illness is something which is quite common among population. For this, psychologist treatment are promoting by the government so that people get aware about their mental condition and get right remedy to overcome from the problem (Murray et al., 2019). As per the medical leaders, it is known that maximum people does not want to accept that they are suffering from mental illness and they hide it from themselves and others due to which they reach towards the actions like suicide. However, I believed that after COVID breakdown, it become more important to create awareness about the mental health of people as currently physical or mental violence’s problem is in high rate due to fast changing environment create a sense of competition among people. This takes them into deeper thinking which sometime resulted into depression problem and anxiety issue.

The increasing problem of mental and physical problem realized the requirement of strict actions as I understood that self-care is an important aspect for every individual in terms to reach out on healthy mental state. However, I found that self-care can be done through timely perform meditation and physical exercise. This area supported towards attainment of work-life balances makes the individual relax. In concern to risk factor related to children, I identified that Australian government work in favor of such child through develop action plan in such a manner that court asked the child about their perception and response on their parent separation and figure out their conformability of living among the parents (Tarzia et al., 2017). Besides that, now court also provides special care to the children’s whose parents are separated so that they don’t upbringing with the development of negative perspective about the relations. Thus, these kinds of initiatives of Australian government solve various mental problems of children’s. In concern to urban women’s, I learnt that urban women’s are majorly physically and mentally harassed so in that case special laws are developed for the women’s so that they get equal chances to every aspect whether at home or professional scenario (Cowan et al., 2020). The women’s have right to sue the perpetrator in case of happening any kind of violence’s with them. These kinds of laws empower the women’s to get equal justice in the society of male dominances. ‘

I learnt about the interpreter services under Australia laws and identified that these kinds of services considered as an aid for the victims of violence’s whether physical or mental. However, each person in the family has a right to participate in conversation with migrant resources centre, local community centre, and counselor and teaches etc. thus, these areas supported the victims to share their problem and get the solution.

In Australia, it is found that women’s are entitled to access all kind of rights that is reflected in legal system. These include right to education, healthcare, equal access to law and right to live independently, right to vote and travel wherever they want to go etc. These rights provide full equal access to women’s to live their life as per their own terms and condition but the family violence’s affected their rights (Healey et al., 2018). In that case, government develops monitoring body to ensure the applicability of these rights among the nations.

I also understand the meaning of risk assessment and safety planning concept in concern to family violence’s. It is because risk assessment and safety planning is one of the highest profile tasks of mental health practitioners. It means that quality clinical services are the major concern areas as mental problem solution can only be served with relevant quality services. In that case, Australian government assured the timely conduct of training sessions for the medical staff so that they find new ways to deal with the mental problems and provide healthy mind of people. I found that government bodies assisted the monitoring system for assurances of quality services delivery to people. For this, different reports and documents are prepared to check the service quality (Toivonen & Backhouse, 2018).

I also realized the significance’s of NGO’s or CSR activities that is developed for the support of people. In current scenario, it is known that physical fitted people are faced the problem of physical violence’s then the people with physically disability tend to be struggled at every step of their lives in the form of faced abusiveness behavior of people. In respect to such case, I learnt about initiative that government has taken through create awareness campaigns related to women’s education and medical aid for their well-being.

The WHO opinion about the violence’s subject matter, I understood that mental and physical illness is adverse condition for a human life and survey presented that 15% to 71% women’s faced such issues due to present of social-culture factors. It means that society norms or conventional mindset about the women’s set living pattern and upbringing process makes them totally dependent upon the male ones. In that case, WHO believed that creating awareness about women’s rights could assist the people to change their perception and it is happening as somewhere women’s start standing for their rights and gain their personal goals (Dragiewicz & Burgess, 2016). However, in concern to mental problem, it is learnt that self-care is an important aspect for every individual in terms to reach out on healthy mental state. This can be performed through watch motivational videos and involved on healthy activities which make the mind creative. Thus, these government initiatives have solved the family violence’s problem to large extent but still it is requires to taking strict monitoring body to eradicate completely (Didi et al., 2016).


From the above reflective essay, I realized the importance’s to address this issue in this study as after COVID breakdown physical and mental problem rises to larger extent. In that case, it is right to undertake the factors behind the creation of family or domestic violence’s and its impact over the children’s and women’s etc. Besides that, I also learnt various Australian laws related to women’s right and mental illness healthcare services. These areas helped me to develop proper in-depth knowledge about the family violence’s problem and process to overcome it.




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