The Understanding of Leadership

The Understanding of Leadership Assignment 2020

Defining Leadership

This has been a wonderful journey to learn a plethora of elements from the class held. However to share the personal understanding. I must be relevant here to mention here the leadership in reference to the class of week one. Further narrating, the term leadership could be stated as a phenomenon which involves the better interaction between the leader and his group. Leader ship can also be considered to be the hyper link of the relationship s which is shared between the leader and the followers(Subramani, 2012).


There are different statements being   narrated by a plethora of scholars about the term leadership. However according to me and my learning experience it could be well defined as the element of the fact which joins the blocks for a precise am to be achieved. The term leadership is a wide a wide dimensional word which can’t be defined in a single line or a combination of words. It caters a flamboyant capability to transform oneself into a leader.

Leadership in-relation to the Management for an Organizational Effectiveness

According to my learning experiences so far, it is makes me equipped  with the thoguhts to state that the phrases “leader” and “manager” are a few of the most commonly used words in commercial enterprise and are frequently used interchangeably. But have you ever questioned what the phrases in reality mean?

A manager is the member of a corporation with the responsibility of sporting out the 4 important features of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. But are all managers’ leaders?

Unfortunately, not all managers are leaders. A few managers have bad management features, and employees follow orders from their managers due to the fact they’re obligated to accomplish that—no longer always because they are motivated or stimulated by using the leader.

Most managers also have a tendency to be leaders, but only IF they also competently perform the leadership obligations of management, which encompass verbal exchange, motivation, offering proposal and steerage, and encouraging employees to upward thrust to a better stage of productiveness(Subramani, 2012).

Managerial duties are typically a proper part of a task description whereas the subordinates comply with as a result of the professional title or designation(Rose 2018). A manager’s leader attention is to meet organizational dreams and goals; they commonly do no longer take an awful lot else into consideration. Managers are held accountable for their actions, as well as for the actions of their subordinates. With the identify comes the authority and the privilege to sell, rent, fire, area, or praise employees based totally on their performance and behavior.


The number one difference among control and management is that leaders don’t necessarily preserve or occupy a management function. In reality placed, a frontrunner doesn’t should be an authority discern in the business enterprise; a frontrunner may be everybody.

In contrast to managers, leaders are observed because of their character, conduct, and beliefs. A pacesetter individually invests in obligations and initiatives and demonstrates a high degree of ardor for work. Leaders take a wonderful deal of hobby in the success in their followers, permitting them to reach their desires to satisfaction—these are not always organizational desires.

There isn’t constantly tangible or formal power that a pacesetter possesses over his fans. Briefenergy and intellectuality is presented to a leader and may be conditional primarily based on the capability of the leader to continually inspire and encourage their followers.

The leader of the team comes up with the new ideas and kick-starts the agency’s shift or transition to a forward-wondering section(Rose 2018). A leader usually has his or her eyes set at the horizon, developing new techniques and techniques for the enterprise. A leader has titanic knowledge of all the current developments, advancements, and skillsets—and has clarity of purpose and vision.

With the aid of evaluation, a supervisor is someone who generally simplest keeps what’s already mounted. A supervisor needs to observe the lowest line while controlling employees and workflow in the company and preventing any sort of chaos.


The term leader is justified by someone who pushes personnel to do their nice and is aware of a way to set the perfect pace and pace for the relaxation of the institution. Managers, alternatively, are required by means of their job description to establish manipulate over employees which, in turn, help them broaden their personal belongings to bring out their fine. Accordingly, managers should recognize their subordinates nicely to do their process successfully.

How Leadership Can Benefit My Organization?

Through this study I have learned many elements which could be beneficial for my personal leadership role and also for my organization.

Leadership is the maximum influential and important detail of all corporations. Powerful leaders have the vital tools and skills to inspire and effect their groups permitting companies to run competently and easily. As a leader I have now fathomed how to recognize the mission statements, goals, moves plans and desires of the company for you to lead your staff into realizing them.


It’s far in deniable that properly leadership performs a prime role in attaining achievement in an enterprise assignment. All that my commercial enterprise’s challenge nowadays can be handled with the thoughts I have acquired through this course and all that it will be tomorrow as a result of my  management in directing the direction my business. This is just to emphasize the importance of suitable leadership in fulfillment of my commercial enterprise.

As a leader of my organization now I have built my thoughts and expertise to influence, encourage, speak and energize your followers to deliver the nice from them for betterment of your enterprise entity. I can now see things to literally appear which otherwise could not have befell for your absence.

I can also be more precise here to state that the catalyst for the achievement of your enterprise venture. This is because as the chief you assignment the reputation quo of your workforce to make them think and do matters in a different way. Further after the completion of this course I am now vision driven and hence motivated to work closer to attaining the imaginative and prescient of the company.

As a pacesetter, I can now determine the guidelines mygroup and make decisions which are going to be implemented for now and future.  Through this course I have framed my mind and leadership goals in such a way that the group will work collectively with me from moving the business enterprise wherein it is to wherein it should be.

Considering myself as a leaderI am also looking forward for an innovation of my business.The reality and need to mobilize the essential assets to reap the objectives and dreams of the organization. Furthermore I must inspiremy team to mobilize the sources that they’re endowed with closer to achieving a not unusual purpose. I have built the capability through this leadership course to possess the necessary abilities and competence to leave a footprint within the minds of my group of workers that cannot be erased. In this manner I could be ensured that the operations of my enterprise will no longer be thwarted however there could be a continued easy waft of operations.

Implications of Leadership for my Organization in Future

As being the leader of my organization and to develop the organization I must be to grasp the artwork of teamworkcontinuously during the ups and downs of the organizational strategies. Further I can implement better leadership if I ought to learn that each one the contributors of the team are essential to reaching the enterprise desires and need to be handled with reputable and rewarded for that reason.

In business, I will research new things every day and ought to be capable of comprise for my operations. Furthermore I may check myself on a regular basis so that I can enhance on regions which might be looking in addition to alter for this reason to the converting times in the business worldwide. WhenI recognize that my ideas and selections will write the destiny of my commercial enterprise I will do all it takes to make sure which I get it proper.

As I conclude, my moral requirements in going for walks of my commercial enterprise have to be steady and unwavering. That is the simplest manner I think the implications of the leadership could change the destiny of the organization and affect the identical standards all year round for greater suitable of the complete employer.

What I need to Learn More?

As a leader of my organization I must also learn more about the obligations to develop the people who work as a team, to push them to new heights, and to increase the subsequent generation of leaders.

It is true to mention that now not all of those who be just right for me turns into Leaders, but it is also genuine to mention that they may all benefit from being evolved in this path.

Growing leadership skills isn’t a one or two week training session(Rose 2018). It’s an ongoing method, to that I want to be absolutely dedicated.

From my perspective as a leader I must learn and encompass:

  • Learn clean leadership vision for the subculture I need to create
  • Massiveunderstanding in step with the preferred leadership model
  • Learn to the development of functional roles
  • Steady top-level leadership in line with the management
  • Senior stage dedication to the program
  • While defining the management culture I must learn to createthe sphere of truth and transparency among the team members.

How will I Develop my Leadership Skills and Knowledge?

Management and leadership abilities are critical tendencies to possess when proudly owning a small enterprise. Displaying leadership abilities will let you in the course of your profession, especially with attracting clients, buyers and lenders. Many small commercial enterprise owners and managers search for management abilities in candidates when making hiring decisions.

However, in my case I would simply go ahead to develop the leadership skills and knowledge by implementing the following methods.

  • Manage the team effectively
  • Help to gain respect
  • Decision making
  • Motivating employees

The above mentioned methods could be the tool for developing continuous leadership skills for enhancing the organizational capability. However, the skill for the continuous development is unpredictable as the situation and the demand of the organization greatly influences the leadership skills.

Development Opportunities and Improvement

There are numeroussectors in the organization to develop with the right leadership skills which needs proper implementation at the right place. The development could not be defined as precisely as above factors. However, with the time and actual practical experience the implementation of right leadership could be judged and therefore could be stated which one is good of what. However the right development could be the ageing of team and its members for enhancing the organizational capability and  bring a better output for the organizational benefits.



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