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Thinking Technology and Design Critical Thinking Task


The main concern area of this report is to develop the critical understanding about the innovative technology such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UVA) that will be incorporated into civil airspace by Jetstar as its core product in future.

With the help of this new fully automated flying drone (UVA), the passengers will be sent on trips to Australia, Asia or New Zealand, 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week. Under this report, the discussion about the meeting that was conducted between the software developer at Boston Dynamics and the representative of Jetstar is done (Floreano & Wood, 2015).

In this meeting, Jetstar was asked some questions in respect to determine that what the client is wishing and how it bring their ideas to execution from a technological standpoint and these meeting outcomes are critically discussed in this report based on thinking technology and design.

Critical Thinking Task Questions

Answer1. Discussion of Article

Determined the claims made about the incorporation of UAVs into civil airspace

While concerning about the UAV, it is found that the importance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is growing day by day worldwide and there are several efforts that are being done to integrate UAV operations with proper routine and safety measures into civil airspace.

At the same time, for special use airspace, the operations of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle are restricted or confined in their access because of safety reasons and with the help of process of restrictive authorization (Christie et al., 2016).

Apart from this, the representative of Jetstar claimed about the incorporation of UAVs into civil airspace that company owner is wishing to manufacture a new fully automated flying drone for taking the passengers on a trip to Australia and Asia or New Zealand whole the day as well as whole the weak.

In this manner, it is also claimed that the incorporation of UAV into airspace and their success of potential market are based on the complex set of factors such as technical, political, economic and legal factors, etc.

Identify the claim made in the report about the first truly remote-controlled aircraft

The UAV is referred to in different ways by the various organizations. These kinds of aircraft were termed as remotely piloted vehicles and after some times, these were referred to as remotely operated aircraft or remotely controlled aircraft.  For these kinds of aircraft, military is one of the responsible authorities for the current naming convention of UAV.

In addition to this, the claim made in this report was a UAV cannot carry a human operator but can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely and it can be more expendable or recoverable (López-Granados et al., 2016).

This kind of UAV such as remote-controlled aircraft is operated under the control of a remote as well as some operations that contain the autonomous mode. Apart from this, one more claim was also made by Reginald Denny as the US Army was convinced to use the remote-controlled aircraft for providing the training to anti-aircraft gunners.

Answer2. Analyze and explain the five features proposed Jetstar UAV should have

At the time of meeting with the representative of the Jetstar, there is a number of questions were asked to him/her about the UAV so that it can be determined that what are the requirements Jetstar has for its products and what kind of product /project, it is looking to produce.

In this meeting, one question was related to the features of UAV that this will have as per the Jetstar in its products (Peña et al., 2015). In this way, the representative of Jetstar defined some features of UVA that are mentioned below:

  1. Diverse Blend of Skills
  2. Ability to take off and Land Automatically all day or all night
  3. Techniques like image recognition as well as radar in order to recognize other plans in particular areas, conditions, and objects, etc.
  4. Infrared and night vision abilities
  5. Fly very fast if required and operated in a hot and cold environment

Thus, it is determined that the above mentioned features were outlined by the software developer from the representative of Jetstar at the time of the meeting that was conducted to collect the important information regarding technology and design.

Answer3. Find the ten unique claims that have been found in the article

After researching the whole article, there are several claims or recommendations that have been found in the article.  In this way, these claimed were made in respect to achieve the goal of the routine as well as safe integration of UAVs into civil airspace (Pace, 2016). These ten unique claims are defined below:

  1. Under the civil airspace, there should need to agree upon a concept of operations in concern of UAV flights.
  2. There will be a requirement to develop a scheme of classification as well as definitions in respect of UAV because they are associated with the operations under civil airspace.
  3. It is also essential to create appropriate regulations in concern of UAV system certification, ground controller qualifications and flight operations.
  4. There should be development of effective technologies as well as procedures in order to restrict the collisions related to UAVs along with the other aircraft or other obstacles.
  5. There should also need to establish an aeronautical data exchange, synchronization network, and processing which accounts towards the unique requirements of UAV.
  6. In concern of UAV operations, the institutional security controls, as well as important approvals, should be there.
  7. There will be requirement to develop and execute a few solutions of communications for the system of UAV.
  8. The regulations of internationally harmonize UAV, operational procedures and certifications standards will be defined clearly.
  9. The interoperability in case of air traffic system and the probable impacts on the air traffic system will need to be ensured.
  10. The public acceptance, as well as active communication, will also be developed with all potentially affected parties.

Answer4. Create ten issues for all the claims you have discovered

Provides article provides a context of issues related to the integration of UAVs into civil airspace. In addition, these issues are critically associated with safety, security, regulatory, air traffic and then socio-economic obstacles (Bamford et al., 2017). These issues are defined below:

  1. Lack of definitions, consensus on operational conception and the categorization of UAVs
  2. Lack of affordable and effective accident avoidance system that is capable to detect the problems
  3. Poor validate records of UAV system and the operations
  4. Absence of available protected frequency spectrum
  5. High cost of insurance liability
  6. High costs of acquisition and operational costs
  7. Public rejection of UAVs
  8. Lack of an appropriate business case in respect of UAV operations
  9. Airspace capacity limitations
  10. Poor networks for the information exchange

Answer5.  From the meeting transcript list:

One General Statement

There was number of general statement that nave been provided by the representative during the meeting and noted by the software developer. One of this general statement was” We are the largest airline by passenger size in Australia and in terms of international flights and international destinations.

We are the tenth oldest airline in the world and were founded in October 2003. We are very profitable overall”. In this statement, the representative of Jetstar defined that they are more efficient and capable as well as they are earning sufficient profitability.

One Vague Statement

The vague statement of the Jatstar representative was “Based on the Boeing 717 or Lockheed L-1011 TriStar will be best for our purpose, as it can be more easily marketable and consistent or visible”

One Ambiguous Statement

In concern of the ambiguous statement of the representative of Jetstar given by him at the meeting with the software developer of Boston Dynamics, the statement was “We would like as fast as possible, and our budget is near 50 million dollars.”

Answer6. Create a question to get a clearer view of the project and describe a reason for asking the question

In concern of getting the clear view about the project, there is need to create a question that will cover main aspects of the projects so that at the time of asking this form the person, all the important facts can be found without having major issues and with more clarity.

In this way, the question would be that “why do you need to design and develop new fully automated drone and what do you think that how much will it be successful?”

In relation of above created question, it is mentioned that their need to ask this question because with the help of this question, it is easy to come to know about the state of mind of the Jetstar’s representative as it will become easy to understand its strategy and its outcomes that have been estimated by the company already (Aasen et a., 2018).

Answer7. Explain one problem-solving technique for developing the project and outline two main benefits

While analyzing the meeting transcript, it is found that there are some issues that create the problem in front of meeting organizer that was faced by the software developer while asking the questions from the representative of Jetstar (Peña et al., 2015).

In this way, there is a need to use techniques in order to resolve the problem related to the project. This problem-solving techniques is defined below that contains the few steps that are essential to be followed:

  • Define the Problem
  • Determine the Root Cause(s) of the Problem
  • Develop Alternative Solutions
  • Select a Solution
  • Implement the Solution
  • Evaluate the Outcome

Thus, these steps can be helpful to resolve the problem effectively. The two b4enefits of the problem-solving techniques are that it will resolve the problem completely by identifying its causes so that it can not take place again (López-Granados et al., 2016). Apart from this, another benefit is that it is quite easy for the organization with respect to using it.

Answer8. Develop an issue map to represent if the UAV (airplane) has broken down and will not start before take-off.

Thinking Technology


On the basis of above analysis, it can be concluded that the innovative technology such as UAV is most important and effective techniques that can be used by the airline companies as it has a number of significance in order to make the organizational products more effective and efficient because of its number of significance.


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