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A maintenance strategy is given a very high priority by the organization that falls under the category of the automobile industry. The products of these organizations have to be maintained under strict surveillance in order to reduce even slightest error. By producing faulty vehicles not only the organization might lose their credibility among their customers, it might cause fatal consequence to their users. Therefore no wonder, Audi has a strict maintenance policy. Their maintenance strategy is one of the best in the world which has helped them to earn a formidable reputation in its respective industry. This assignment intends to highlight and evaluate these strategies and some of their major KPI matrices which have helped them so far to maintain their reputation among their customers.

Overview of Total Productive Maintenance:

With the way that support isn’t a cost rather a speculation, this interest in upkeep is currently considered as a standout amongst the most fundamental and essential capacity in vehicle producing industry. The point of this support is to enhance the assembling procedure, have returned through quality, giving security and making constancy. Over the previous decades, upkeep has been perceived by world-class fabricating all things considered brought together a process that is a piece of assembling as opposed to a detached capacity in the association. World’s biggest firms endeavor to embrace the upkeep systems to accomplish the organizations’ objectives and target that is expanded creation. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is generally utilized as support device in assembling procedure and it is characterized all things considered gainful exercises that are executed by all workers. TPM essentially includes each person in the association including administrator and the senior administration in hardware change. The principal divisions in the association where TPM is actualized are upkeep, activities, offices, outline building, venture designing, development building, stock and stores, buying, record and fund, and plant and site administration. The usage of Total Productive Maintenance plans to assemble a cozy connection amongst Maintenance and Productivity that exhibit the great care and up-keep of gear bringing about higher profitability rate (Singla et al. 2018, p.06).


The 5why is a method implemented by an organization for the process of analyzing their DMAIC and the phase which involves in planning PDCA activities. 5why method is most often coordinated with various analytical tools for example Cause and Effect Diagram however, it can also be used as a standalone tool.


FMEA also known as failure modes and effects analysis is generally used by the manufacturing organization to provide them with a step by step approach to highlight all the major possible failures in designing of a product or while assembling a product.

Maintenance Strategy of Audi:

In order to make sure Audi continue to provide their customers with world-class automobiles, following strategies are used by the higher officials of the company:

  1. Run-to-Failure: this strategy is primarily used the higher management of the company for all the pieces of equipment which are rarely used or can be purchased within a very low budget. For example, the lifetime value can be extended by over 10% if it is maintained every few months by spending only about $100. This strategy allows the company to face any breakdown of their equipment until it is replaced.
  2. Scheduled Maintenance: this is the most common strategy used by the higher official of Audi which involves periodical monitoring of their pieces of equipment by taking them offline. Although it is quite an easy strategy, however, the only known drawbacks of the system are that it is quite costly in the long run. Although this drawback can be reduced to a good extent if the schedule of this strategy is analyzed way before it is implemented.
  3. Predictive Maintenance: this strategy is a condition-based support system. It depends on foreseeing disappointment before it happens, as opposed to on the normal life details of a benefit (which is the situation with preventive support).It is conceivable to do PdM by means of visual reviews of hardware, however, the least demanding approach to build up a prescient upkeep system is by utilizing a CMMS to track meter readings. The upside of PdM (over PM) is the potential for cost investment funds from decreased worker hours spent on upkeep (Mat et al. 2017, p.40).

Analyzing the strategies:

The best PM methodologies are composed of individuals who comprehend OEM suggestions. These people additionally comprehend their machines’ execution history and administration prerequisites in your plant condition. They take a gander at the age of each machine. They look at its static and dynamic frameworks. They take a gander at its establishment, bolster, mechanical, electrical, gadgets, control, pneumatic and water powered frameworks. They break down how control misfortunes, influence spikes, ecological effects and administrator mistakes can influence each machine. In order to identify machine issues before their segments fall flat, a definite investigation must happen. If the PM program designers of Audi don’t nearly look at these reasons for machine disappointments, the higher management will likewise miss a portion of the assessments that should be prepared into your program’s undertaking list. The PM systems ought to likewise incorporate a rundown of forte apparatuses that will be required, for example, torque torques, drills, scissors lifts, forklifts, and so on. Strategies should illuminate how to securely function with and keep up these apparatuses (Fam et al. 2018, p.24).

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Assignment

A standout amongst the most misjudged errands in preventive support is the grease of turning and responding machine parts. Additionally, numerous think a PM program is a celebrated grease program. Numerous inquiries should be replied before you set up PM grease conventions. As one performs oil assignments, some visual and perhaps a couple of physical reviews can be made. In light of these undertakings, PM methods can be composed. Get prepared experts required with picking the best ointment for every application. All the significant grease OEM’s had these administrations accessible exploits them. It’s vital to comprehend what ointment ought to be utilized, the amount to be utilized per application and at what interims. After the primary application, track each machine to figure out where changes should be made to ointment writes, application amounts and application recurrence.

There are certain precautions which need to be undertaken to make sure the strategies are generating satisfactory results. These precautions will enhance the productivity of the strategies which will help Audi to sustain their reputation in the market. Some of the most important precautions are as follows:

Planning and executing a PM program requires an altogether different outlook than working and dealing with an ordinary upkeep office. PM starts with understanding the objectives of the company, setting execution principles for hardware, recording preventive upkeep methods and timetables, at that point transferring everything to the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) of Audi. In the event that the organization’s in-house specialists can start and deal with these assignments, extraordinary (Williamson et al. 2018, p.48)

Organizations that bomb fastest just hand over PM execution to their upkeep staff without the best possible preparing and oversight/management. The greatest ROI of Audi may originate from an interest in experts who can enable the organization to their destinations, make PM errands accurately the first run through around, prepare the group of employees, administer all the usage subtle elements and guarantee the organization is left with an administration program that will be viable. Ensure they have the hands-on, certifiable encounters to guarantee the PM program’s prosperity, and don’t just leave the property after they heap a huge amount of archives onto the work area of the company (Méndez et al. 2017, p. 1020).

At the point when PM errand subtle elements are not composed to address the underlying drivers of breakdowns, the company might center on things that don’t generally affect profitability. In the event that the given organization has a decent work arrange framework set up, estimations can undoubtedly be made utilizing essential CMMS reports to gauge the adequacy of your program after some time.

Key Performance Indicators of Audi:

KPI or key performance is a systematic approach which allows an organization to measure their performance in the market. Along time, several organizations have adopted this system which has allowed enhancing their performance in the market and reducing any flaws in their system. Audi is one of the most recognized brands in the automobile industry, has long used the concept of KPI in their system for the similar purpose. The KPI of Audi is illustrated below:

Inventory: From the day of its existence, Audi has always brought some of the most innovative vehicles on the market. This is because the top management of the company did not take a long time to understand that an obsolete inventory will only yield a negative result for the company. Therefore, it has always produced some of the most iconic vehicles which have always caught the attention of their customers. Some of the real times KPI of inventory are as follows:

  • Inventory turnover: Audi has always tried to balance inventory with relative to their sales. A high inventory turnover is a very promising sign which indicates that the company has tied a small amount of capital in it. The inventory turnover can be enhanced if Audi is lowering their inventory level else just by enhancing the number of sales (Maté et al. 2018, p.240).
  • Percentage of Backorders: by monitoring this KPI, Audi will identify all the major issues which have a significant room for improvement on backorders to help satisfy the requirements of their customers. If the percentage of backorders climbs at a very high rate, then the reputation of the company will face downfall in the long run. Therefore, it is advised to lower this percentage as much as possible.
  • Inventory to sales ratio: this ratio will allow the higher management of Audi to remain stable even in the most uncertain economic conditions as it measures the efficiency of the company. By calculating this ratio Audi can pinpoint their flaws in their sales department (Kumar et al. 2017. P.08).
  • Order rate: Like any organization, it is very important to makes are they are not losing their valuable customers, and retain as many customers as possible. The purpose of this KPI is to make sure that the company is delivering the perfect order to respective clients. This is one of the best ways to make sure that the customers remain satisfied with the service of the company. In order to perform this task, it is important for the organization to use correct distribution channels which are easily accessed by their customers. The channels must make sure that the delivered product is free form even slightest damage.

Production: Just by producing a small number of inventory products is not enough to generate desired profit. A company needs to maintain their supply of production in order to sustain their position in a competitive market. A combination of inventory and quantity is one of the biggest driving factors behind the success of Audi. The KPI involved in this factor is as follows:

  • Count: this is simple KPI which identifies the number of vehicles is produced by Audi within a given time frame. This metric is also used to determining the contribution of each employee in the process of producing the product of the company. This KPI factor should be given a very high priority as the number of sales has a direct impact on the profit of the company (Lee et al. 2015, p.06).
  • Downtime: like the employees, the productivity of the machinery used in the company also needs to be monitored. This metrics is used for this very purpose. If a machine fails to satisfy the company, or it is not working properly it is highlighted by this metrics of production.
  • Task time: apart from monitoring the productivity of the machines and employees involved in a project, it is also important to monitor the time taken to execute a single project. This is one of the most important KPI as the time taken to execute any particular project directly affects the overall budget of the company, and also determines the quality of the service toward the customers (Wickramasinghe et al. 2016, p.720).


Audi is one of the most respectable brands in the automobile sector. Since its foundation, it has never compromised with the quality of their products. Their innovative marketing and maintenance strategy is perhaps one of the most important factors behind their success. They have always maintenance strategy has not only helped to secure a stable position in the market but have also enhanced their internal operations so that they can continue with their legacy of producing some of the most top-notch vehicles witnessed on the streets. However, there are certain errors in their strategy, which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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