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The report is based on the approach of organization and management of the employees of Marks & Spencer. The firm has applied various relaxation and motivating factors for engaging them more into the work. Best in industry compensation, maintenance of duty hours, training, incentive, and an appraisal are considered as the motivating factors which are provided by the company management to retain their sales figure and profitability. 


Employee management is very crucial in the competitive era of globalization for maintaining the aspect of compensation, leaves and holidays along with the perspective of profitability of the firm in a simultaneous manner (Ahmad, et al., 2015). The human resource management policies and procedures have been implemented for adding value to the employees which help them to engage more into the work and enhance the productivity of the firm (Anitha, 2014). On the other hand, providing motivation, training, maintaining regular communication and stable workplace culture help to organize the work process of employees for executing the goal of the business.

UG MPO 09 People in Organisations Assignment

Marks and Spencer PLC is a renowned multinational retail firm specializes in delivering quality food, apparel or financial service which have the headquarter of Westminster, London (Marksandspencer, 2018). The CEO of the business are Marc Boland and Steve Rowe (Marksandspencer, 2018). The firm has taken different approaches for maintaining employee perspectives which are demonstrated in the study.                

Research method

The research on the employee organization and management approach taken by Marks & Spencer is conducted by gathering secondary information from the annual report of the firm. The human resource policy and procedures along with the financial parameters for the firm help to establish the relationship between managing employees and maintaining a continuous flow of business. The review of the staff feedback of LinkedIn also assists the researcher to outline the important aspect of the topic.   

Findings or results

Marks & Spencer have employed approximately 85000 people globally and 90% of them belongs to UK citizens as the firm has started its operation from the country (Marksandspencer, 2018). The firm has aimed to drive their business towards maintaining social and environmental concern which attract the talented individual to join the organization. The organizational culture of M&S promotes inclusivity, diversity, respect and personal development which help the employees to concentrate on their work and execute the business goal (Marksandspencer, 2018).

From the company publication, it has been found that the workplace culture is completely free from harassment, discrimination, and victimization. The employees from different cultural background work simultaneously which demonstrates the collaborative and assistive workplace culture. M&S also focuses on the recruitment of skilled professional who can execute the business goal with being proficient with the workplace culture of the firm. The firm has also received ISE awards for the campaign of the recruitment which recognizes the application of cutting-edge technology and its creativity (Marksandspencer, 2018).

The company has also maintained a stable relationship with lower-level staff for identifying their requirement, drivers and barriers which help the employees to perform the work effectively (Marksandspencer, 2018). Compensation is the most important factor for managing the staff and M&S provides the wages which are best in the industry for retaining the skilled employee with attracting the new ones (Linkedin, 2018). Proper motivation is to be delivered to the staff in the form of appraisal, recognition, training, incentive, and performance-based payment. The newly appointed staff are provided proper training and guidance towards fulfilling the job role. On the other hand, the arrangement for incentive or appraisal help to motivate the staff for engaging more into the work which provides value for them. However, the firm has decided to reduce its physical stores for focusing on their digital medium which causes a loss in jobs (Theguardian, 2018).                     


From the above findings, it has been stated that M&S have followed stable, discrimination-free and conflict-free workplace culture which adds value to the perspective of employees. The communication between the sales team and logistics department of the firm is well-established which help to evaluate the demand and requirement of customer for delivering the product in that dimension or aspect. Skilled and experienced worker base help to deploy the quality final products which simplify the accomplishment of customer satisfaction (Marksandspencer, 2018). The firm has processed an excellent recruitment and selection process which help them to strengthen their worker base for increasing productivity.

Based on the above study, it has been analyzed that the firm has also set the policy and procedures for the benefit of the employees as they have delivered industry-standard compensation and wages (Marksandspencer, 2018). The retention of the employees has become simplified through continuous hike according to performance and high wages for the benefit of the firm. Regular communication with the managerial body and lower-level staff help to monitor the work performance and recognition in the form of training, performance-based payment or incentive are also arranged for motivating the staffs. These motivations also act as a catalyst for engaging the employees of M&S more into the work which help the company to execute their goal (Marksandspencer, 2018). Leaves on social holidays or festivals also help the company to provide relaxation to the staff which assists them to manage and organize the employees of the firm. From the findings, it has also been evaluated that the firm has decided to shut their physical stores which cause job cut for controlling high cost associated with workers.             


From the above study, it has been concluded that M&S has provided value to their employees through the pattern of policy and procedures where the benefits and relaxation for the workers are listed. As the firm has delivered satisfactory compensation, the delivery of other benefits and relaxation assist them to retain their skilled employee for meeting the business goal. The firm has also received ISE awards for the campaign of the recruitment which recognizes the application of cutting-edge technology and its creativity. Thus, the growth of sales of M&S has been directly aligned with the performance of the employees which is accomplished through proper organization and management.      

Personal commentary

Student 1: I was involved in the planning stage of data collection and the approach of the design. I have also reviewed the official site of Marks & Spencer to gain relevant and suitable data.

Student 2: I have closely studied the annual report of the firm and the evaluation of the LinkedIn profile of the company gave an overview of the required data.  


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