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Marketing strategy has become an extremely vital part of any business in today’s highly competitive world which creates a huge difference in the entire performance of an organisation. In this report, a detailed discussion will be made on the various aspects related to the marketing strategy of Amazon and the ways it impacts the business of the company.

1. Relation between services marketing links with Amazon’s marketing strategy

Services marketing mix is considered to be one of the most important factors on which the success or failure of an organization depends to a great extent due to its direct impact on the sales of the products. On the other hand, it may be asserted that services marketing mix proves beneficial in analysing the essential factors of marketing including segmentation, targeting and positioning in order to generate best results. Implementation of proper marketing mix strategies aids in increasing customer satisfaction which benefits in increasing global customer base through effective communication (Othman et al., 2020).


Market segmentation is considered to be an extremely important part of the entire services marketing strategy which directly impacts the sales figures of a company or organization profoundly. Segmentation is regarded as extremely essential in identifying the potential customers and therefore pursuing those potential customers to enhance the overall sales of a brand. Market segmentation also assists in grouping a specific number of customers according to the similarity in product preference and this process is often based on statistical calculations (Dolnicar et al., 2018).


Targeting enhances the overall effectiveness of marketing strategy which ultimately leads to superior experience of the customers and impacts the marketing strategy in a positive way. On the other hand, it may be implied that targeting and segmentation are interlinked where one is dependent on the other and helps in generating better sales figures.


Product positioning plays a crucial role in the overall marketing practices which ultimately leads to a better understanding of the products by communicating with the customers in an effective way where the needs and requirements of the customers are addressed with utmost care and attention. In other words, market positioning aids in placing the products in a competitive market by evaluating the position of other products in the market in a detailed manner and often helps in maintaining a distinguished position in the market. Additionally, pointing helps in attracting the customers by making the product visible as well as attractive to the customers.      

2. Marketing strategy of Amazon

Marketing strategy has become an essential factor in the growth and development of companies such as Amazon which operates in several countries across the globe where the company has been expanding its business rapidly. Marketing is regarded as an essential aspect of business which determines the way through which customers get satisfied through receiving products and services (Park, 2020). On a broader note, Amazon follows a wide variety of marketing strategies to improve the sales of the products which includes marketing through emails, video marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and through advertisements on various platforms ( 2021). It may be asserted that the operating cash flow of Amazon increased 69% to $67.2 billion and free cash flow increased to $26.4 billion (Refer to Appendix-1).

According to the above graph, it may be clearly stated that due to effective implementation of successful marketing strategies, Amazon has been able to expand its business which is getting reflected in the annual net revenue of the company. Furthermore, it may be opined that Amazon uses a high runner strategy in order to market its wide range of products based on user data which provides excellent results ( 2021). Moreover, it needs to be mentioned that the company uses developed advertising tools which includes Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) which is a secure, safe and cloud based data clean room solution which further improves the quality and effectiveness of the advertisements (Refer to Appendix-2). Marketing strategies become important as it directly influences as well as impacts the financial performance of an organization which enhances the brand image and brand worth of an organization in the global context (Krasyuk et al., 2017).

3. Analysis of marketing mix and evaluation of the services

3.1 Market segmentation and positioning

Amazon pays attention towards several factors of market segmentation and positioning including geographic, demographic and psychographic factors which helps the company in conducting its marketing campaign successfully.


Geographic location plays an extremely crucial role in the entire marketing process where purchasing preferences and demand of the products depends particularly on a specific geographic location to a great extent.


Amazon pays attention towards implementing an effective marketing strategy where customers belonging to different age groups are targeted for maximizing the number of sales of the products of the company. Amazon analyses the population of a region in detail to target customers belonging to various levels of the society with varying purchasing power without discriminating on the basis of gender.


Amazon also pays attention towards the behaviour and interest of the customers in order to enhance the sales of the products along with satisfying the customers.

3.2 Positioning

Product differentiation

Amazon is always upgrading its products and services through latest technological advancements in order to improve its products which will certainly benefit the company in producing outstanding and class apart products to its prospective customers.

Image differentiation

Amazon has been adopting different approaches in order to improve its image in the international market where the company has been focusing on increasing the levels of sustainability in its operations. Amazon has been paying utmost attention towards recycling its products which will definitely impact the environment in a positive way (Refer to Appendix-3).

Personal differentiation

Amazon organizes several skill development sessions for its employees where training to the employees are provided for upgrading their skills and knowledge which ultimately helps in dealing with the customers and resolving various issues in a hassle free way.

3.3 Service marketing mix

Services marketing mix has become an essential tool for generating higher revenues by focusing on various factors of marketing with detail which improves the performance and productivity of an organization such as Amazon. Strategic marketing management benefits in understanding the essential factors controlling the market and also aids in identifying the risk factors harmful for the for the growth of a company (Chernev, 2018).     


Products are the most essential part in service marketing mix where the uniqueness of the products impact the sales figures of an organization such as Amazon where customers look for something new and fresh in the products.


Pricing becomes a vital part of the entire marketing mix strategy where effective as well as aggressive pricing strategy is adopted by Amazon to attract more customers and generate more revenue.


The geographical location of business becomes a vital factor which has a direct connection with the sales of the products as various cultural influences directly impact the marketing process of companies such as Amazon.


Amazon promotes its products through several online platforms and social media where digital marketing is used extensively for promoting the products successfully.

4. Evaluation

It may be asserted that Amazon has adopted an effective marketing mix strategy which enables the company in generating expected results where implementation of market analysis and marketing mix strategies play a crucial role.

5. Recommendations

The following are the important recommendations which Amazon may follow:-

  1. The company is required to improve its market research to generate more accurate outcomes in terms of sales and revenue generation
  2. Amazon should implement ways through sustainability may be achieved at a greater speed
  3. The company should give emphasis on improving its leadership styles for generating desirable outcomes in the field of marketing management
  4. Amazon needs to improve its communication among the different departments of the company

It may be implied that Amazon is expanding at a rapid pace which makes it essential for the company to pay attention towards several aspects including its leadership style and communication which becomes a truly essential factor towards achieving organizational success through implementation of an effective marketing strategy. However, Amazon should give more emphasis on achieving sustainability which will definitely impact the reputation of the company in a positive way by attracting more customers. On a broader note, it needs to be mentioned that Amazon is required to improve its market research process in order to generate greater sales of the products and services which is considered to be an extremely vital aspect of marketing.


From the above discussion, it may be clearly concluded that focusing on the various aspects of marketing has become truly essential in creating an impressive image of a brand in the international market which provides an added advantage in attracting more customers and also aids in retaining the existing loyal customers.

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