Human Resources can be termed as one of the most significant parts of an organization due to its effectiveness organization in maintaining the employees as well as in the maintenance of smooth operations within the organization.

The major role of an HR professional is to bridge the gap between the employees, the head of the departments, and the CEOs of the organization.

In this reflective essay, the discussion will be done on the two vital skills of an HR such as effective communication and problem-solving and conflict management which may be developed for a Human resource manager to be successful.

Self-reflection on the skills of an effective Human Resource manager

Effective Communication skills

One of the major responsibilities of an effective HR professional is the management of different tasks which need to be completed by the different departments within a given time period.

I have learned through the modules that there are a number of skills that may be developed for being an effective and efficient Human resource manager.

According to me, among all of those skills two of the most significant HR skills are effective communication skills and the other skill is problem-solving and conflict management.

Communication skill may be termed as the skill which is associated with the activities involving the development of meaning among groups or entities with the usage of adequate and mutually understood semiotic conventions, symbols, and

signs (Basak and Khanna, 2017). http://UMPDFL-15-M MANAGING PEOPLE IN A GLOBAL have learned that effective communication may be identified through a number of factors such as active listening, non-verbal communication, concision and clarity, empathy, confidence, and effective feedback.

I share the firm belief that active listening skills hold the success of being good in communication skills as listening skills as active listening skills will help me in understanding the problem or concern of the speaker and according I may help with my views.

In absence of listening skills, I will be unable to understand the basic problem of the speaker and hence the communication will be ineffective. As an HR, I must have effective listening skills to understand the views and concerns of the employees and act accordingly to solve their problems.

Furthermore, as an effective HR, I may discuss the professional as well as personal problems of the employees either on the office premises or in their homes and help them to deal with the problems with effective advice.

I have learned through my experiences that if I am unable to develop listening skills within me the employees of the organization will be reluctant to share their concerns, complaints, or problems with me.

In an organization, non-verbal communication has a major effect on the employees as well as the management as non-verbal communication demonstrates hidden feelings with the help of their attitude or body language towards others (Varga et al., 2017). http://UMPDFL-15-M MANAGING PEOPLE IN A GLOBAL

have learned that different non-verbal communications such as hand gestures, eye contact, voice tones, and body language have an immense effect on other employees of the organization as these non-verbal communications convey the inner feelings or nature of a person.

In order to develop myself as an effective HR professional, I need to develop all sorts of non-verbal communication to provide warmth and comfort to the employees of the organization and share their views.

I have learned that it is extremely important for an HR manager to have concision and clarity while communicating with other employees of the organization as clarity and concision determine the effectiveness of communication with the employees.

It is vital for me to convey my message as an HR to the employees as directly and shortly as possible to ensure the employee regarding the importance of a situation or a matter.
Clear and direct communication will help me develop my communication skills as an HR professional in the industry.

I have learned that empathy may be practiced while developing my communication skills as with the aid of empathy I will understand and respect the employee’s viewpoints effectively as an HR. Furthermore, I have developed my confidence as an HR needs to be confident while communicating with other employees.

Confidence will show my co-workers regarding my commitments and the course of work that I will follow hence, they will communicate with me regarding their professional as well as personal issues.

Lastly, I need to provide effective feedback to my co-workers to develop my HP professional skills as effective feedback to my co-workers will help in the development of their skills.

An effective HR is provided with the responsibility of solving the problems of the employees as well as developing the employees in their professional life (Lenard and Pintarić, 2018).http://UMPDFL-15-M MANAGING PEOPLE IN A GLOBAL

Problem-solving and conflict management

According to me, conflict management and problem-solving are the other significantly vital skills which I need to develop in order to be an effective HR professional.

Conflict management may be defined as the process of limiting the negative influences of conflicts in the workplace as well as increasing the positive influences of conflicts within the organization (Cassar et al, 2018).http://UMPDFL-15-M MANAGING PEOPLE IN A GLOBAL

I have learned through my studies that the major aim of conflict management is to enhance group outcomes and to enhance learning in order to improve the effectiveness of the performance in an organization.

It is vital for an organization to solve all the conflicts between the different stages of management and among the employees as conflicts among the employees of the organization affect the effectiveness of the organizational operations.

Furthermore, it may be opined by me that conflicts in an organization slow down the development of the operations of an organization as the conflicts interfere with the different stages of management (Hamoud et al., 2020).http://UMPDFL-15-M MANAGING PEOPLE IN A GLOBAL

As an HR I need to develop my conflict management skills to reduce the negative influences of conflicts in the organization as reduction of the conflicts increases the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the employees in an organization.

With several sources of learning such as websites, journals, and personal experiences of different experienced HR professionals, I have learned that in order to manage conflict in an organization there are a few vital steps that need to be done by me.

For effective conflict management, I need to identify the main problem and the source of the conflicts. Followed by the identification process a participatory process must be done by me to find solutions that will be acceptable to both the parties involved in the organizational conflict.

Moreover, as an HR professional, it is my role to see whether the solutions to the conflicts have clashed with the organizational culture. Conflict management is a vital HR skill that .

I need to develop for the well-being and effectiveness of the organizational output as the decrease in negative impacts of conflicts will help in the smooth operations of the organization.

It has been understood to me that when a conflict is allowed to grow in an organization, it finally results in damage to staff morale and diminishing the productivity of the employees in the organization.

As a result, I have studied various theories and HR experiences which will help me in the development of my conflict management skills in the future.

Along with the development of conflict management skills I have focused on developing my decision-making skills as an HR professional in an organization.

Decision-making skills are significant in the daily operations of an HR manager as an HR needs to take decisions regarding several vital matters of an organization (Nakhate et al., 2020).http://UMPDFL-15-M MANAGING PEOPLE IN A GLOBAL

Decision-making skills will aid me in choosing the right and efficient candidates for my organization as during the process of recruitment decision-making skills are very significant in understanding the nature of an interviewee.

Furthermore, I have planned to develop my decision-making skills as at times HR needs to make a number of decisions for the well-being of the organization.

As an HR professional, if I am unable to make the right decisions, it may cause severe loss in the form of finance or resources to the organization (Bhayo et al., 2017). http://UMPDFL-15-M MANAGING PEOPLE IN A GLOBAL have learned that before taking a vital decision

I need to weigh the positive and negative impacts of the decision. Moreover, I have learned that alternative plans are highly significant in the decision-making process as an alternative plan always provides confidence to the HR professional regarding their decision-making choice.

I have learned through my experiences that both communication skills as well as Conflict management and decision-making skills have developed my skills as an HR manager and will help me in the future in understanding several challenges of an organization and to take appropriate decisions through my decision-making ability.


As per the above discussion, it may be opined that effective communication skills and conflict management, and decision-making skills are highly significant for the success of an HR professional.

Furthermore, it has been learned that these skills are vital for the development of an HR professional for the management of employees in an organization.


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