In this case, the major issue facing by Headspace was of mental ill health. These health issues were experienced by people aged between 12-25. Problems like depression and anxiety were the most common health problems out of others.

Youth between 16-24 have seen committing suicides which was a major concern. People have to meet many professionals who can provide them solutions for their problems. People are facing issues as they have to meet lots of professional and discussing their issues again and again (Wedding, et al., 2010).

It made hard for the professionals to help them as they became frustrated from telling the same things again. There is a requirement of a system which can record these issues at once which will help the professionals to access them properly.


The major problem was that the patients have to tell their story again and again to different professionals. Firstly, they have to report about their mental health problem to the worker than the medical staff and then the general practitioner, psychologist, etc.

It has resulted in making the patients more frustrated and they started telling less about their story. The problem was that they have to discuss the same issue again to different professionals which resulted in not getting a suitable solution which they expected (Hunt & Eisenberg 2010).

It also made harder for even the professional to help them as now they have started telling less about their story. The professionals in Headspace could also misunderstand the problem as less information was accessed by them.

Due to these issues there is requirement to make up a system which can save the information, story of these patients so that they don’t have to repeat the same things again (Naylor, et al., 2010).

This will also help the professionals to gain an insight in the matter properly and possible remedy can be provided soon. But developing this system will also increase the cost for the company to implement this system.


Developing an effective system will help the patients as well as the professionals. It will help to give suitable solutions for the problems of these patients accordingly.

A system named “My health record” system is being developed by Headspace which helps to store the problems and information and story of the patients who are suffering from mental health problems.

This system will be capable of storing every minute detail of the patients and every data which will be needed by the professionals in order to provide assistance to the patients.

By the development of this system patients will not have to re-tell their problems and story again and again to different professionals. This new system will help the professionals to easily access the required information that will be helpful to provide assistance to the patients.

The details will include the past history of the patient with their admit time, symptoms, and other useful data as well. The Information technology can also be helpful in managing all the information of the patients in an appropriate manner (Elliott. et al., 2012).

It will help to store the information easily at one time, it will help to identify the different patients according to their diseases. This will help to reduce the complaint by the patients as their problems will be solved quickly.

It will help to minimize the duplication of work and will improve the functioning of the system. Communication between the patient and the various professionals like psychologists, general practitioner, psychiatrist, etc can also be improved further by the help of electronic communication.

The patients will find a more appropriate way to get solution and can access their records and reports more quickly. The upgradation in the technology will also help to improve the administration process.


There are many benefits achieved by the development of the “My health record” system by Headspace. The major advantage of building this system is that it makes easy to store the information and data of the patients. It will provide safety to both the patients as well as the healthcare provider.

It will help in providing accurate and timely information to the professionals about the mental health problems of the patients. Any professional can easily access the information anytime for their purpose.

The information and details of the patients are easily available and can be easily forwarded to anyone electronically which help in saving time (Skeem, et al., 2011). This system will also help to minimize the duplication of errors that can exist. This system will help to analyze the issue and problem of the patients effectively.

This will help to increase the efficiency of the data for future use. The patients will be benefited as they now don’t have to re-tell their story again and again to the professionals.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that there exist a requirement of developing a system by Headspace which can store the details, data, and information of the patients.

This system will also benefit the professionals as they can get easy access to the details of the patients (Repper & Carter 2011). The patients will also be benefited as they don’t have to discuss their stories again to different professionals.


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