Vacancy at Vodafone

Currently, Vodafone is looking for the Global Account Manager for the areas including London, South East England. Vodafone considers both part times, full time. The competitive salary will be providing to the select one (Boohene & Agyapong, 2010).

Reason for creating this vacancy

The main reason of creating this vacancy is to expand their services in more areas and effectively manage the relationship with different partners. So with the help of Global Account Manager, Vodafone could be strengthening partnership with key partners (Harlow & Harlow, 2016). At the same time, this job profile also contributes high benefits for the company in terms to lead and maintain excellent relationship with carrier at global and country level. Therefore, Vodafone come up with the profile called Global Account Manager.

Job Position Description

Global Account Manager Demands for managing and increasing the sales activity at the global as well as the country level (Askehave, 2010). The person is also liable for the implementation of customer strategic plan and required to utilise full potential of resources like sales, marketing, product, customer services and finances. He/she is also responsible for focusing on the targets through constantly interact with different key stakeholders.


Personnel Specification

The person specification is the description of the experiences, qualification, skills that a candidate must possess in order to perform the job duties (Omar et al., 2012). In context to the profile of Global Account Manager, the specification that job demands in the person are mention below:-

  • Required experiences in managing relationship with Telco operators.
  • Required influencing power in order to manage internal and external stakeholders up to C-Level contacts.
  • Proficiency in proposing innovative solution for avoiding block issues.
  • Ability to present information in a concise manner (Emery et al., 2012).
  • Strong negotiation, communication skills for developing the sale activity at global level.
  • Excellent communication skills in German and English language.



Candidate is accountable for the following areas:-

  • Strategic Account Management
  • Manage partners with the aim to deliver company Go-To-Market strategy
  • Provide support to market plan and generate the sales on different areas
  • Relationship Management with different Stakeholders
  • Team leadership
  • Deliver Financial Sales Target

Job Role

The job role for the Vodafone is the “Global Account Manager”. To perform the job, he/she needs to manage and develop the sales in the country level or in global level. Besides that, it is also expected that the individual possess strong negotiation & presentation skills. He/ she required at least 5-6experiences of working in telecom industry (Corazzini et al., 2010).

KPI’s/ Benchmarks

KPI’s for the “Global Account Manager”

  • Sales Growth/ Revenue Generation
  • Customer Demand
  • Satisfaction level of stakeholders

Job Advertisement

Job advertisements are considered as an advertisement which provides the information or give brief understanding about the particular job profile to the candidate (Berg et al., 2010). Now-a-days, company used more digital platform for providing brief explanation about the available vacancy. To create the perfect job advertisement, it is require to developing the catchy tag line with defining the job description and person specification. Such format attracts the maximum readers and allows them to get the clear knowledge about the given job. At the same time, it is also necessary for the job advertisement that is developed as per the ethical and legal consideration. Likewise, company should use contents that are favourable to society and for the religion as the appropriate advertisement is widely accepted by the larger audiences.

 Job Advertisement: Online Job Advertisement


VODAFONE requires the services of a qualified young person to fill up the position of “GLOBAL ACCOUNT MANAGER”          



MBA (Specialization in Marketing & Finances)



8-10 years of experiences in the mobile/Smartphone.

Experiences in managing relationship with Telco operators, Telecom



Between 24 and 35 years with excellent health



An attractive salary package compensation as per the qualification and experiences will be offered to the selected candidate


Interested students may send their resumes with hand-written application. Application form must include 2 passport sixe phtoto and copy of resume.

Manager HRD


Head branch (Vodafone)



Newspaper format of Job advertisement:





·       He/She is responsible for managing and developing the sales activity at Global and Country level (Boohene & Agyapong, 2010).

·       He/She is ensuring execution of customer strategic plan, utilizing both dedicated and shared resources in Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Service and Finance.


·       8-10 years of experience in the Mobile/Smartphone.

·       Proficiency in managing relationship with different stakeholders.

·       Negotiation, communication and presentation skills.

Interested candidate can apply on the given Address/Number

Head Manager (Vodafone)


Cost incurred in both the Job advertisements

There are two media is used for the job advertisement. First media is the Digital format job advertisement. In this, low cost is incurred as compare to other tools. The cost which includes in job advertisement is the content writer cost, web designer cost etc. Such activities charge relatively less than other tools. In case of newspaper job advertisement, it is considered as a high cost compared to online job advertisement (Askehave, 2010). The cost of advertisement is largely depending upon the space which is covered by the advertisement in the newspaper. Thus, both the media tool has a wide range to cover the maximum audiences.


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