Clinical Reasoning Cycle

What is Clinical Reasoning Cycle?

Clinical Reasoning Cycle can be described as a process of collecting data, indications and look for the solution of the problem that is being faced by the patient.  These data are collected by nurses and other such medical specialists.

As per the result of the case/data, the nurses and medical specialists would go thoroughly through the whole process, speculate, plan and decide other alternative treatments as per the outcome of the data.

The whole process of Clinical Reasoning Cycle is based on the ‘disposition’. The outcome of this process purely depends on the factors influencing it such as psychological factors, philosophical factors, a person’s own interpretation and attitude towards things and so on.

This is the most important thing that is to be focused by medical specialists and nurses as with the help of these records it becomes clear for them to treat patients accordingly.

Treatment of the patient becomes much more effective as the nurses holds all types of records associated with the patient with the help of clinical reasoning cycle.

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How do we write a high scoring Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignments?

Handling Clinical Reasoning Assignments is not a job which can be done by anyone and this is what we understand well at Unique Submission. Here are some points on which we focus while writing Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignments:

Levett-Jones clinical reasoning cycle:

The very base of structuring of an assignment is done on the basis of the concepts provided by Levett-Jones clinical reasoning Cycle.

According to Levett- Jones et al, Clinical Reasoning is a, “process by which nurses collect cues, process the information, come to an understanding of a patient problem or situation, plan and implement interventions, evaluate outcomes, and reflect on, and learn from the process.”

Levett-Jones et all further throws light on five rights of clinical reasoning which are supposed to be followed by nurses to follow to get the productive clinical reasoning.

The five rights are: Cues, Action, Patient, Time and Reason. It can be demonstrated as collection of right cues, taking right actions, for the right patient, at the right time and for a right reason.

Each step related to the process of nursing care, implementation and reason are shadowed and judged on the basis of the theories of Levett-Jones clinical reasoning Cycle.

This also helps in considering how an older patient is to be treated and taken care of his/her dignity during the time of nursing care.


The whole situation related to the patient, questions and facts related to his/her condition is noted down and reviewed in a file. Reviewing each action is of prime focus when it comes to clinical reasoning cycle.

The whole process and patients vitals status is reviewed by following the steps of Levett-Jones clinical reasoning Cycle.

After it the information related to patient’s medical condition becomes prime focus. Then, they start the process of finding out the best three nursing care priorities that the patient is in utter need. And further re-evaluate whether the reason and priorities for the nursing care are appropriate or not.

Our team experts make sure that you select the best suitable priorities for the patients in order to provide the patient appropriate nursing care.


Then comes the part where our experts focus on finding out the most suitable nursing care and treatment as per the medical condition and needs of the patient.

Discussions related to the patient care goals and treatments are put forward here in this part following the steps of Levett-Jones clinical reasoning Cycle.

An overall overview, keeping in the mind the steps mentioned in the concept, is done at this point of assessment in order to bring out the best outcome for the patient in treating him/ her by providing appropriate nursing care.

This part of the clinical reasoning helps in determining whether the actions taken during the whole process were suitable or not and also that the outcomes of the actions taken were finest of not.

Clinical Reasoning cycle

Clinical Reasoning Cycle steps:

There are nine steps of writing a Clinical Reasoning Cycle which covers up the topic undertaken in a proper way.  These nine steps help in forming a well analysed and researched nursing report and assignment.

Our professionals at Unique Submission assignment writing services online focuses on following a proper structure of clinical reasoning cycle assignments.

The steps which our experts at Unique Submission advise to follow to write a meticulously structured and written Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment are as follows:

Situation of the patient:

This is the very first step of writing a Clinical Reasoning Cycle assignment. In this step, the detailed information related to the patient’s condition is to be mentioned by the nurses.

This section primarily focuses on the current health condition of the patient, the patient’s medical background/ history and every minute detail which can help in forming an appropriate medical solution for the patient.

Each detail related to the behavioural, psychological and physical aspect of the patient should be noted down to understand the problem associated with his/her medical condition.

This part should be written in an elaborative form and should mention each important detail/ information related to the patient.

Data collection:

In this part of the assignment, nurses should collect as many data or cues they could collect in relation to the patient.

In this part it is required to collect data such as whether the patient has gone through surgeries or not, patient’s medical history, any kind of medical care undertaken previously ad so on.

Each and every detail related to the patient helps in shaping the view towards finding a suitable solution for the patient’s medical problem.

Similarly, missing any kind of information related to patient’s medical history can be a major reason of getting an undesirable outcome from the chosen treatment.

After gathering latest information related to patient’s health concerning medical treatments which suits best for the patient’s condition is recalled.


At this point of stage, the nurse has to decide major things along with processing the data. This one is the most important and trickiest part of doing Clinical Reasoning Cycle Assignment.

There are different aspects of information from which nurses have to choose the best alternative for the patient. Any kind of information or data which is missed during the process can be responsible for creating a barrier in treating the patient.

A nurse here has to interpret the situation, evaluate it and come up with the decision which should get a best outcome for the patient.

Our team of experts help in guiding and helping students to take the right decision here.

Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Problem Analysis:

The main task of the nurse in this part is to identify the problem of the patient and then find out the appropriate diagnostic for the patient’s medical problem.

A wrong analysis of the problem can lead to wrong diagnosis for the patient which can further be the reason of patient’s deteriorating health.  That is why problem should be analysed in a detailed way to reach the stage of finding right solution.

It is to be noted that synthesizing the problem is the main task here which is to be done. If the problem is understood well then only can we look for an appropriate or best diagnostic for the patient’s medical condition.


Before doing any work setting a goal must be at top priority. This also applies for nurses too. Nurses should decide a goal or aim which is to be achieved in a frame of time in improving the patient’s health.

By deciding a goal things become much clearer and nurses can work on providing proper nursing care to the patient with a clear mind and an objective to achieve.


Taking action is the most important thing to do when it comes to the duty of nurses. A nurse should take appropriate actions that are to be taken for the betterment of the patient’s condition.

Appropriate available actions can only result in desirable outcomes in improving the health of the patient.


After completing every possible steps which are to be taken to find out the problem and an appropriate solution for it a nurse should also focus on whether the outcomes of the actions taken are up to the expectations or not.

In this process, evaluation of every step and decision is to be done by following certain parameters.

Our experts and professionals at Unique Submission helps and guides students in finding out these parameters and find out whether the actions and outcomes were good enough in helping to recover the patient’s health or not.

Overall Analysis:

Lastly, an overall analysis of the whole process is done. In this step, the focus is on what findings and conclusions did we derive from the whole process.

The overall process should be analysed thoroughly and critically. The analysis should be done both during the process and after the outcome to reach a rational conclusion and evaluation of the actions taken.

It also involves taking a proper feedback of what he patient’s opinion was on the whole treatment process and what were the shortcomings which the patient faced during the whole treatment process.

This helps in improving the work flow for the next other treatment process and gives room for improvement.

In this part it is to be discussed and speculate that what conclusion we would have derived if we handled the situation by putting forward other solutions to it.

This step helps in analyzing whether the best solution was provided for the patient’s problem or not. So that if similar medical cases arises then those cases can be handled by keeping in mind the present case scenario.

Cynical reasoning cycle is one of the most important parts which have a sound impact on medical treatments and practices.

The rights and steps mentioned in this cycle helps in analyzing, evaluating, getting a deep study of the symptoms, analyzing the after effects of the treatment and evaluating the treatment itself.

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