“Workbook- Manage Meeting”

Section 1: Identifying meeting requirements
Some of the Challenges occur when identifying meeting requirements that are as follows:-
• Timely availability of resources
• Selection of the location for the meeting
• Seating arrangements such as theatre style table and chairs etc.
• Prepare agenda for the meeting
These are the areas in which organizer faces a problem when implementing or conducting the meeting.
There are activities that need to be considered before planning the meeting:-
• Decide date, time and duration of the meeting.
• Decide meeting purpose
• Prepare a budget for the meeting
• Requires resources such as teleconferencing, video, auxiliary resources etc.
• Preparation of the documents which requires the meeting
• Develop an agenda and minutes of the meeting
Meeting Requirement Questionnaire
• How many members are taking part in the meeting?
• What is the purpose of the meeting?
• How much budget is allocated to the meeting?
These are the questions are arise when the meeting is conducted.
The meeting requirement forms are as follows:-
Meeting Requirements Form
Chairperson: Tim Davies
Department: Product development department
Meeting name: Bring some innovation in the Adept owl
Meeting Details:
Date: 1- 05-2018
Location: Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Australia
Time: 10 A.M – 1 P.M
Budget: $ 80,000
Meeting Format:
Purpose: The purpose of the meeting is to develop such game which is of high quality and provide entertainment to all the age groups.
Participants Internal External
General manager of operations Internal stakeholder
Product development manager Internal stakeholder
Sales manager Internal stakeholder
Finance manager Internal stakeholder
Account manager External stakeholder
Stock specialist External stakeholder
Recruitment specialist External stakeholder

Resources Requirements:-
• Speakers
• Seating Arrangements
• Video or Teleconference Requirements
Supporting materials:
• Pre-reading
• Meeting documentation
• Equipment requirements
Hospitality requirements:
• Catering requirements
• Accommodations requirements
Other requirements:
• There is a requirement of a specialized team for conducting the meeting.
• Select that hotel which has great ambiance for conducting the meeting
• Electricity should be proper in the hall
• Auxiliary equipment should be installed at the hall such as Laser pointers, flip charts, slide trays etc.
Special Requirements:
• Focus on attendances
• Applicable conventions for conducting meetings
• Legal and ethical requirements for conducting meetings: it means the members of the team should use properly the available resources in a practical manner.

Meeting agenda:
Three example of meeting agenda:-
• The meeting agenda is to discuss the new product development.
• The second agenda is to discuss the company position in the market.
• The third agenda is to discuss innovation and strategy that company needs to adopt for giving tough competition to a competitor.
Meeting Formats: two types of meeting formats
General Meeting Format

Formal/Professional Meeting Format

Learning activity: Austrade export awards:
• The Austrade awards are considered as a formal meeting.
• For this kind of meeting to be successful, there is need to have proper resources to be installed and the members should get the invitation card in a right manner.
Make meeting arrangements:
In this situation, it is recommended that organizer should select the venue from external ranges from $650 to $800. This provides the proper seating arrangement for the meeting participants. It saves a lot of time for business members.
Organisation Procedure
There is various organization procedure exists for the meeting participation. These are as follows:-
• Participants are required to follow the ethical code of conduct.
• Participants are required to perform the actions as per the organization norms.
• Human behavior is required to follow meeting regulation and legislation like agenda, a minute of the meeting, quorum etc.
Meeting invitations:-
Invitation format used
Example 1:
• Outlook calendar invitation Why
• Internal participants
Example 2: • E-mail invitation • External participants

Delegation preparation activities
• To identify the meeting requirements
• To develop the appropriate format for the meeting
• To ensure the meeting arrangements are made
• To distributing meeting papers
What was done well?
Using Effective skills are the best way to delegate the task.
What could have been done better?
Develop the project outline in advance before starting the project.
Use action plans
Action plan helps the organizer by making his/her clear about the activities that need to be done for conducting the meeting.

Section 2: Conduct Meetings:
Chairing meetings
The Yellowstone supermarkets conducting the meeting for a new safety committee and in regards to this, the organization requirements are as follows:-
• Meeting agenda should be prepared
• Delegates the work to the members as per their capability
• Meeting activities must be documented
• Limiting meeting duration etc.

• Chairperson usually holds the casting vote
• Conflict of interest provisions
• Process for moving and seconding formal motions
Legal and ethical requirements:-
• Workplace legislation includes the anti-discrimination, equal opportunity and work, health and safety etc.
• The local government act of the state, territory and other regulations etc.
• Privacy policy
Conducting meetings:
The benefit of arriving early to the meeting is as follows:-
• There is no type of noise problem that could disturb the meeting
• Equipment and resources for the meeting can be checked out properly.
If the organizers do not arrive early then it impacts the meeting in a negative manner as meeting activities will not be implemented on time.
Opening the meeting:
Yes, it is important to take time before the meeting opening as it involves various steps such as making an introduction and getting underway etc.
Control the meeting
Effective ways to control the meeting:-
• Review the meeting documents
• Introduce the meeting agenda item and briefly explained the discussion
• Ensure everyone gets an equal opportunity
• Ensure that the meeting contributes some results
Summarising discussions
There is negative Impact of not summarising the discussions:-
• Impact 1: all participants are not fully aware of the topic discussion.
• Impact 2: incomplete summarisation does not assist in decision-making
• Impact 3: the result tends to be irrelevant
Achieving the meeting goals:-
Strategies to ensure the meeting are conducted properly:-
• Decide the time, cost, duration, and venue of the meeting.
• Develop the meeting agenda
• Prepare the documents for the meeting
The meeting in which I participated and it went wrong because of its improper mission or goals. Other than that, arrangement and availability of resources are also poor or ineffective. These areas create the problem.
Healthy discussion and problem-solving skills are the strategies that currently use to resolve issues during the meeting.
Example of SWOT analysis
Issue A Issue B
Strengths The meeting helps to arrive at a certain decision about the certain subject matter. Meeting environment should be right. This encourages in proper decision-making.
Weaknesses The meeting is focused more on the theoretical way rather than provide a practical solution. The less involvement of participant members is considered as the biggest weakness.
Opportunities It gives the opportunity to the company to implement the agenda into reality. The proper meeting will help the members to get the right results.
Threats Improper meeting goals tend to be the biggest threat The biggest threat exists when top management support does not exist.

Problem-Solving Techniques
The advantage of the problem-solving technique is detailed above:-
As a chairperson
• The problem-solving technique helps to conduct the meeting systematically and properly.
• Problem-solving techniques also assist in addressing the conflicts between the members.
As a Participants
• This technique encourage continuous engagement
• Development of transferable skills.
• Able to bring improvement in teamwork and interpersonal skills
• Allow developing the communication skills
Recording meeting minutes
This is an example of meeting minutes
Meeting Minutes
Locations: Melbourne Marriott Hotel, Exhibition St & Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC
Date: 1-05-2018
Time: 10 A.M – 1 P.M
• The general manager of operations
• Product development manager
• Sales manager
• Finance manager
• Account manager
• Stock specialist
• Recruitment specialist
These are the important participants of the meeting. so, their attendance would be compulsory
Agenda items:
• Venue for meeting
• Slide projector
• Screens
• Microphones
• Computer & mouse
• Auxiliary equipment: laser pointers, flip pointers, flip charts and slide trays
Note: The members should give their presences at 9:45 just before 15 minutes of meeting so that attendances can be taken.

Learning activity: recording meeting minutes
It is important to brief the person about the minute-taker. This is because minute-taker plays an important role in regards to record each minute of the meeting. This minute meeting helps the company to achieve the goals.

Section 3: Follow up meetings
Checking for accuracy
Inaccurate information in meeting minutes would affect the overall business planning and there is no legal protection to keep stay business. The structure will not be developed effectively because the employees do not have confirmation of any decision making. So it can be said that inaccurate information in meeting minutes can provide a negative impact on the business.
Checking the format
• In order to comply with an organization for the format of meeting minutes, there are some requirements might need like:
 Use of the correct template
 The minutes follow the structure of the agenda
 The language should be clear and simple
 Use the bullet points where possible
 The minutes should include all the information needed to the people
 Provide clear responsibilities to the individuals with proper data and timing
• The benefit of guidelines having by the organization is that the meeting will be completed on time and it will achieve their objective successful. Additionally, the attendees will understand the aim and objective of the meeting by the use of proper format and presentation.
Checking the format
• Different storage methods to store meeting minutes are storage as a hard-copy file, security on access to copies, electronic copies method of storing, storing meeting minutes with the file names, etc.
• The information storage method can be determined the nature of the meeting minutes, there is a varying requirement for storage of meeting minutes. It is depended on the policies and procedures, applicable conventions and legal requirements.
Reporting meeting outcomes
Types of meeting Reporting meeting outcomes
Safety committee monthly meeting  Meeting minutes
 Update provided to manager/supervisor
Board meeting  The report provided to shareholders and employees
Team meeting  Meeting minutes
Management team meeting  Update provided to employees via email, newsletter or face to face


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